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August 29, 2013 – 01:54
How Do I Become a Medical Research Scientist? (with pictures)

EBM definition:

Evidence-based medicine (EBM, Evidence-based medicine) is epidemiological and statistical methods, from large medical databases critical appraisal, a comprehensive analysis to identify trustworthy section, and can obtain the best literature evidence used in clinical work, so that patients get the best care.

AD 1972, the British clinical epidemiologist Archie Cochrane proposed a "carefully and clearly, carefully using the best available evidence, the clinical care of patients as a reference for decision making." ﹝ Conscientious, explicit, and judicious use of current best evidence in making decisions about individual patients. ~ Archie Cochrane 1972 ﹞

EBM origin:

AD 1972, the British clinical epidemiologist Archie Cochrane proposed a "carefully and clearly, carefully using the best available evidence, the clinical care of patients as a reference for decision making, " and stressed the importance of randomized controlled trials that all medical practices should have a rigorous research and proven effective basis.

In the 1980s, American nephrologists and Clinical Epidemiologist Dacvid L. Sackett at McMaster University in Canada to teach the use of clinical epidemiology and statistics to implement empirical medical ﹝ Evidence-based clinical practice ﹞.

AD 1992 Evidence-based Medicine term coined by Gordon Guyatt of McMaster University in Canada, led by academic organizations officially named. 1992 British National Health Department was established EBM center, is named after Archie Cochrane, served by Dacvid L. Sackett EBM Center, and then led to the establishment in 1993 Cochrane Collaboration. That same year, the UK National Health Service Research and Development Program of Research and Development Organization set up and establish a research center at the University of Oxford, beginning with the world's experts on various medical fields RCTs systematic review of the literature review. Currently there are 13 countries around the world, 15 Evidence-Based Medicine Center ﹝ Cochrane Center ﹞ actively promote this work, the goal is a huge medical database strict filtering, appraising the literature and do a systematic literature review and comprehensive analysis of the to facilitate clinical work, as a basis for patient care.

Why Evidence-Based Medicine:

Physicians in the disposal problems faced by patients when there is a lot of uncertainty, this uncertainty often probability that the probability estimates can be derived from personal experience, but inevitably there is some degree of bias, so we can make use of objective credible results of clinical studies, as the main basis for patient care. Evidence-based medicine is a scientific method, as well as cultural traits treatment model, and a patient-centered, problem-oriented clinical action, the correct application can improve the overall quality of care.

On the other hand computer network in the application of evidence-based medicine plays an important role in literature quick search via Internet, the latest medical advances can be immediately seen in the network than traditional textbooks published once a few years before more update. Scholars also set rigorous review of all published and unpublished medical literature, made ​​closest to the correct conclusion, physicians do not have to spend a lot of time to be able to understand the gist of physicians to use these resources can save a lot of reading the literature of the time.


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MSW is the best degree

2003-07-10 18:58:59 by MSWboy

Especially if you aren't sure about what your career goals are. The MSW is a very versatile degree. Here are some of the options you will have after getting this degree:
private psychotherapy practice
case management in public agencies and nonprofits
social welfare agency administration
medical social work
staff psychotherapist in a psychiatric hospital
research (this is what I'm current;ly doing)
Most agencies looking for case managers prefer the MSW over a masters in counseling, although MCs can get case management job too.

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