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The medicine based on evidence of efficacy (in English Evidence-based medicine, EBM) has been defined as "the process of research, evaluation and systematic use of the results of contemporary research as the basis for clinical decisions". [1] [2] Trisha Greenhalgh and Anna Donald define it more precisely as "the use of mathematical estimates of the risk of benefit and harm, derived from high-quality research on population samples, to inform clinical decision-making in the early stages of investigation diagnostic or management of individual patients ". [3]

With health care based on evidence of effectiveness (evidence-based health care), we refer to the extension of the method to all healthcare professionals.

The widespread translation of "evidence-based medicine" in "evidence-based medicine" is ambiguous: the medicine as such is based on clinical evidence. This stand, however, there is always, and there is in a sense not strictly medical (outside of academic medicine, there are various alternative medicine using methods different from those of scientific medicine); historically has arrived only with medicine Modern in this fundamental premise.
This concept basically refers to the scientific literature of the medical field and wants to mean that you can base their own decisions, diagnostic and therapeutic , on the critical evaluation of the results found precisely in the scientific literature.

It is based on the principle of the evaluation of the best search results available at that precise moment of scientific research. In practice this means that what is specifically of interest to medicine based on evidence of effectiveness is not simply that derives from research, but mainly from controlled clinical trials and guidelines for clinical practice: data thus obtained by a critical assessment of existing studies.

The evidence-based medicine seeks to assess the strength of the evidence of the risks and benefits of treatments, including lack of treatment and diagnostic tests. This helps doctors to predict whether a treatment will do more good than harm, and act accordingly in the prescription.

The most credible source, founded in 1992 , is a British association of volunteers who shall gather the randomized controlled trials, conducting systematic reviews in your area of expertise: the Cochrane Collaboration .

The documents can be found in the Cochrane Library [4] . It contains collections of useful evidence to clinical decision-making in the fields of therapy, prevention and quality improvement. This library takes its name from ' epidemiologist Scottish Archie Cochrane (Archibald Leman Cochrane, 1909-1988, was a pioneer of evidence-based medicine), who in 1972 wrote a famous text (Effectiveness and Efficiency: Random Reflections on Health Services), on failure to practical use by the health data of experimental evidence, preferring instead to established practices by custom but not always proven scientific value and / or doctor.

The proof of the quality can be assessed based on the type of source (from meta-analyzes and systematic reviews of randomized, triple-blind trials with allocation concealment and no friction at the upper end of the process, until the interaction with common sense below), as well as other factors, including statistical validity, clinical relevance, and the peer-review acceptance. With this setting of medicine it is recognized that many aspects of health care depend on individual factors such as the judgment of its quality and value of life, which are only partially subject to quantified using scientific methods. The application of the efficacy data thus depends on the circumstances and preferences of the patient, and medical care remain subject to personal contributions, political values, philosophical, ethical, economic, and aesthetic.

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Me to person seated next to me at dinner

2012-09-26 00:32:44 by Lord_Elpus

This was an atheist dinner. We have them once per month here.
As the conversation turned to the day's new polls, I asked this young professional if he planned to vote for President Obama.
He said, "No, I like my money too much." Young, single, graduate from two of the best technical colleges in the world and doing research for a major corporation.
Nice to see that greed gets instilled so solidly and so rapidly in some people. I'm sure this single kid who probably doesn't need to shave but once a month makes triple my salary with no dependents. And he's all about I Got Mine and the rest of the world can fuck the hell off

Most therapists may not really know what

2007-07-15 23:55:41 by HipGnosis

"best treatment" are, unfortunately.
"Scientific research has been successful in defining some treatments that work and some that don't . . . In other words, what can one legitimately expect in time, effort, and outcomes."
"Therapists offer varying suggestions because they have adopted beliefs from their mentors and colleagues ... But they usually fail to question these assumptions, regarding them as self-evident truths and applying them to everyone who walks through the door."
"Research tells us that formal tests provide more valid and reliable data than the usual mental status examinations and interview, but therapists have such (ill-founded) faith in their own judgements that most don't use such tests

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