Evaluation of Medical Colleges, a ranking that dare not speak its name ...

August 26, 2017 – 12:10 am
Sambit Sahoo

This is the academic year while motivating students that address the ENC here the classification of the faculties of medicine in France. Sorry, this is not a ranking but a beginning assessment by AERES . Hello hypocrisy before sadness.

The autonomy law will introduce a variable part in university funding. Requires an assessment to see who will pick up the bulk of the windfall. Medical schools are in the fight. We need markers assessments to identify the first class (for them money and fame) and dunces (for them the ashes and tears).

AERES evaluated two missions of medical school, student training and research. There is a wide variability between schools in terms of volume of teaching staff. All results are weighted by a holder HU / numerus clausus P1 ratio for the study of the formation. The top five (the A +) of this ratio are five universities in the Paris region. Marseille is the first provincial followed Toulouse and Strasbourg.

How to evaluate training?

The marker used is the ranking at the CNE over three years weighted by HU / N ratio. That's why schools tend to become boxes cramming the ENC. There is an objective collusion with students who want to do well to choose their future. Fewer hospital, more compulsory courses, conferences, and especially less than cramming hands dirty. Avoid to the maximum, this troublemaker swimming in its bowl record what the patient. If you are successful, you will have more money. Although, I'm not so on, you will see my twisted reasoning later.

Tells us this ranking? First, a large Parisian Paris 5, then get only "small provincial" towers, Nantes, Clermont, Grenoble and Marseille still 6é. The authors of these faculties low number of HU, talk about efficient faculties. This means that with few teachers they bring their students to succeed (almost 60% a promotion above the rank 3000) as well as higher faculties. The donkey cap back to Paris 13 bobigny. You know where to go to be successful, you have no more excuses.

How to evaluate research?

Three markers, the score SIGAPS (publications indexed in Medline), the number of PHRC (public funding of clinical research) and the number of labeled units headed by HU.

If training for small facs province are doing here "big gold Paris is beautiful." Paris 13 (SIGAPS average score 71.8) ranks 7é such as education and research which does not always mean ... The only major that is struggling is Marseille (mean score 57.8). The top 5 Paris (paris 7 first way to score 119.8), the first provincial 6é is Lyon (mean score 73.2). A laggard, Reims (mean score 39.1), champagne and research would not mix?

Source: kystes.blog.lemonde.fr

That's what they are in business to do. And it's

2006-04-20 11:41:15 by Phroid

One of the biggest businesses.
Sugar pills aren't nearly so profitable.
Don't you notice all the people all over the place making all kinds of excuses for these things? Doctors and otherwise.
There's NO medical test for such a thing, either. It's all an imaginary thing, at best, and research keeps showing evidence contrary to that notion, too.
That any number of people are making good money at it, anyway, and/or simply don't want to invest in doing any more about truly solving things sure doesn't somehow automatically confirm anything at all.

Think of the body this way to decide if you need

2004-04-18 14:54:00 by a_doctor

If it's killing you inside, see a doctor. (your current pains) Everyone will agree with you here. You need to do some more low income medical help research. Everyone is trying to give you the best advice and now you're cursing them out. I went into an ER with a very bad bladder infection. I walked out without paying a cent.
If its something on the outside...a bruise, a superficial cut...a growth or other related info, you can probably get advice here.
You are only just delaying a condition that could kill you or hurt you permanently.
Your symptoms are all over the place, that's why no one seems to be helping

I wish you well, too!

2009-02-06 13:44:35 by rjfishpolice

I am glad to hear you say that we can and should eventually eliminate animal research. I don;t think we're in a place to end it tomorrow. I work in the medical field, as an NP, so I feel like I have a certain insight to this specific industry that most vegans and most researchers don't have. I have actually worked in labs that also conducted animal research and it is more disgusting than you can imagine.
I think the reason I find the slavery analogy to be apt is the I do belive there to be reasonable alternatives to vivisection-- we just haven't found ways to implement them yet

This is what we do

2008-01-20 05:17:28 by jerrymander

1. We end vivisection.
2. Humans become responsible for their unhealthy lifestyle. If someone drinks and destroys his liver, he doesn't get a new liver. Most vivisection is aimed at helping cure diseases that humans cause on themselves.
...A friend Emergency Room physician told me that after heart attacks, many patients wanted to eat pork chops.
3. The money that presently goes to vivisection, instead goes to non-animal research and into developing new technology for the betterment of human health.
4. Human testing already takes place

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