Consulate General of Italy in Houston

August 29, 2013 – 01:54

The Houston region and the State of Texas are home to a large number of qualified community 'of researchers, scholars and practitioners Italians, who carry out their work in large medical centers, science and technology in the Houston area, such as the Texas Medical Center, which is one of the major hospital world, Rice University, one of the main University 'of the United States for the study of nanotechnology and materials science, and the "Lyndon B. Johson Space Center "NASA. Some data may help to better define these realities'.

The Capital of medicine
The Texas Medical Center , which, with an area of over 400 hectares is in twelfth place among the "business districts" of the United States, comprises 49 between hospitals, laboratories and institutes, and employs 4, 000 doctors, 17, 000 scientists, researchers and other highly skilled professionals, and which is attended by more than 71000 students including 5600 from abroad. Some of the hospitals in the Texas Medical Center are among the best in the world, particularly in oncology and cardiac surgery. With a number of patients the order of six million a year (of which 18000 from abroad), the Texas Medical Center has a revenue of 14 billion dollars a year, and generates 93, 500 direct jobs and 121, 500 indirect. Between these data and 'important to note that 1.2 billion a year is invested in research. In this context, an important role is played by the CPRIT program of the State of Texas, which provides three billion dollars over the decade for cancer research.

Numerous qualified research institutes and hospitals Italian interact and collaborate with the Texas Medical Center. Among them deserves a special mention the Telethon Foundation , which maintains a strong bond with the research and Baylor College of Medicine in Houston who has recently opened a laboratory for the study of genetic diseases.

St Luke's Medical Tower - Texas Medical Center, Houston Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau

The Italian doctors and researchers in Houston and in Texas they have a solid professional reputation, which led some of them to direct laboratories, research centers and even hospital complexes. In this regard, special mention must be made ​​for Prof. Mauro Ferrari, who in the United States and 'considered the founding father of nanomedicine, and that' currently President and CEO of Methodist Hospital Research Center in Houston.



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The cellular basis for behavior modification?
Dr. Sweatt is conducting some very important research at Baylor Medical School--perhaps this is not so far fetched
It is like the brains and the muscle in society--PR firms and bewildered audiences.
The Brains sez it is unamerican
and the muscle has a paroxysm of rage--the thought alone that some one interrupted the two minute warning with a reference to 1984.
It begs the question--Can an old dog really be taught new tricks?
Or are they destined for desensitized homogeneity? These are the people that fuel the engines of capitalism--base ignorance. I favor the latter.

Yes I do take T4 and T3

2005-07-19 11:19:46 by answer-gal

And there is some controversy in medical research about this, conflicting studies about whether it has advantages over T4 alone for most folks with hypothyroidism. mary Shoman has a good discussion of this in her book, as revised in 2005, Living Well with Hypothyroidism. Some of us with hypothyroidism for reasons no one fully understands, do not get better on T4 alone.
The normal healthy thyroid gland produces both T4 and T3, so if you take both IN THE RIGHT PROPORTION, then it should be fine as long as your labs do not show your T3 to be in the upper third of the normal range or above


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Look at the U.S. News and World Report's "America's Best Graduate Schools 2010," where they give the rankings for 67 universities in "Biological Sciences, and list the "Top Ten" in the following categories:
1. Biochemistry/Biophysics/Structural Biology
2. Cell Biology
3. Ecology/Evoluationary Biology
4. Genetics/Genomics/Bioinformatics
5. Immunology/Infectious Disease
6. Microbiology
7. Molecular Biology
8. Neuroscience/Neurobiology
Some of these groups have more than 10 universities listed because several tie for the top ten ranking

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