Harvard Medical School, try opening meditation courses

August 23, 2017 – 12:08 am
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Harvard Medical School, try opening meditation courses
- Western keen to study Eastern meditation Preventive Medicine Author: Shea Clear coverage of the news

WASHINGTON June 21 Reuters in mid-September, the famous American molecular biologist Landau predicted that two years later, the U.S. Surgeon General may recommend that everyone will join meditation daily routine in order to take into account the physical and mental health. Nearly half a century, the Western medical community began to study Eastern spiritual and cultural impact of the human body, in the past 25 years, the prestigious medical journal posted a total of more than two thousand articles Psychosomatic Medicine (Mind / Body Medicine) research results, for the Medical research direction to open another one.

Dr. Herbert Benson of Harvard Medical School described as "mind-body medicine, " a pioneer of many years of accumulated abundant evidence that (soul) practitioners who can obtain a significant effect on the physiology of such practitioners including religious and non-religious. In addition to papers published, many medical professionals, including Harvard Medical School and other more as people try to open meditation courses to sit for decompression or the physiological treatment, many celebrities are also very keen to meditation or yoga to maintain physical and mental health.

In related papers published in the medical profession not only for research in the field of depression or self-awareness. Last October, the Department of Psychology of the University of California, San Diego, Dr. Dimsdale and Mills, "American Heart Journal" published a sit how closed adrenaline on heart rate accelerator stimulation.

Experiment, the subjects of women vaccinated isoproterenol (one kind of adrenaline accelerator), start simple meditation, only to find the woman's heart rate does not rise cut, her heart beat per minute sit down at ten seven times. Later, when she was asked whether there dizziness, nausea and feeling, her answer is no; which sit on her body bigger impact than medicine.

American professor at Baylor College of Medicine Department Feng Lili also Falun Gong practitioners meditate meditation in front, red blood cells of the blood tests, the results show that exercises an hour later, the red blood cell flexibility increased significantly.

Currently, Taiwan's medical profession generally believe sit as non-mainstream medicine, so the treatment is added little meditation courses, Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, founded in 1996 by "stress ward" to qigong, meditation, group discussions and other methods to improve patient pressure situations. Responsible for teaching psychiatric physician Sun Zander said that he used zazen (meditation) way to teach patients self-treatment, but limited by insufficient understanding of the patient in this area, so few people to join exercises.

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Pat, did you see that they tried to murder 6

2009-10-27 06:13:59 by Yosarrian0022

Researchers at Harvard Medical school research labs?
Happened on Aug 26 but they are just releasing the tox reports
Seems someone put Sodium Azide in the water for the coffee machine
one went unconscious and all were rushed to hospital, which luckily is basically next door so they all recovered and are fine
After the Yale research murder, harvard is of course trying to play it down as much as possible. They are saying that they don't know if it was intentional or an accident - as if you could accidently dump azide in the coffee water.

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