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August 29, 2013 – 01:53

Call for Collaborative Research Grants - 2013

The Harvard Medical School - Portugal Program in Translational Research and Information announces its fourth call for applications for two-to three-year Collaborative Research Grants for Harvard-affiliated investigators working with scientists at Portuguese medical schools and biomedical research Institutions.

Three grants of up to 100, 000 Euros per year for all the English groups and U.S. $ 80, 000 per year for the Harvard group.

Scientists at Portuguese medical schools and biomedical research Institutions and investigators with all the Harvard appointment may apply. Proposed projects Should include at least one research group based at Harvard and at least two groups based at institutions in Portugal.

Each grant will Provide funding for up to three years, with the necessity of annual review and approval by the Review Committee for continued funding.

: Call Application Deadline:

Open: 17 July 2013
Close: 25 September 2013

To apply please visit:

: Information:
Please visit our website at: queries please email: contact@hmsportugal.pt

Please note ALL Applications must be made ​​through the FCT website.

Source: www.hmsportugal.pt

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Scientific research overall in the US is in a

2011-08-30 17:26:07 by FriendofFargo

Major decline - the funding rate for NIH grants is close to an all time low - around 10% (after a couple of cycles of no funding, you have to throw in the towel since you need a lot of preliminary data to get into that 10%)
and this is BEFORE the budget cuts that are now on the way
I tell all the smart MIT and Harvard students who show an interest in research and ask me about it to not do it and go to medical school instead
the future of research science is China

The idea that there is loads of money out there

2007-06-17 15:14:27 by johnstuartmills0

For medical research is an illusion that most americans have. You have no idea how difficult it is to get funding. the current level of funding for grants at the NIH is about 15%. That means 85% don't get ANY funding.
For years now I've been telling every smart kid from MIT or Harvard that came by our lab who wants to do a Ph D to NOT go into medical research. The conditions in research are far too difficult to recommend that anyone do it.
For example the entire budget for ALL medical and basic scientific research funded by the US govt was about 30 billion dollars in 2007 while the military budget was over 20 TIMES higher, over 600 billion

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