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August 29, 2013 – 01:53
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The first German Satellite Center at Harvard Medical School provides direct access to teaching international clinical researchers for over a year at the Medical Faculty Carl Gustav Carus.

As part of the "Principles and Practice of Clinical Research Course, " Harvard Medical School, Boston, visit on 6 June Prof. Felipe Fregni and Dr. Ben MW Illigens the Dresden PPCR Center site. Here, hold the Course Directors of Harvard from one of the world broadcast lectures from the Dresden University Hospital out. By visiting them appreciate the positive development of the Dresden Center site, one of 19 centers worldwide site. The lecture begins by 22 clock in Building 1 of the Dresden University Hospital and ends by 1 clock at night. From 18 clock, the course instructor are in the conference room and are available for short interviews.

From 22 selected Central European Time Clock doctors with excellent scientific advance via the Internet are connected live and interactive with the teachers in Boston and the other worldwide participants in a conference room at the University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus. In weekly classes held as video conferences internationally renowned experts develop themes in terms of clinical research in collaboration with the students of the Dresden university medicine. In addition, the speakers are available every day at specific times through an online chat. The fees of the selected participants Dresden takes to much of the University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus.

Harvard Course Principles and Practice of Clinical Research (PPCR) aims to teach the basics of clinical research at the highest level and to create an international network of clinical researchers. The course for physicians and clinical researchers a variety of new Web applied 2.0-based technologies to achieve an atmosphere of multimodal learning, including weekly three-hour video conferences with Harvard and the other participating site center, online discussion forums, optional intensive sessions via video conference, case-based learning, office-hours, in which teachers at Harvard Medical School to work individually with the students. Lecturers of the course are professors at Harvard Medical School, Harvard School of Public Health as well as some of the American pharmaceutical industry executives and editors of The New England Journal of Medicine. Individual attention in the international study groups by a key from a teacher of 4 students enables a strong promotion of the individual participants. Principle of teaching is the concept of collaborative learning: The intensive process of shared learning is the goal, not the mere retrieval of knowledge.

Dr. Tino Siepmann, director of the Dresden PPCR Site Center, is convinced: "The international, multi-modal, supported by Internet technology learning concept represents the future of science learning in the globalized medicine dar." The interactive online training curriculum taught and consolidated methodological basics of clinical research on the formulation of a research question through to conceptual design studies and analysis and publication of data collected. The course is modular and ends with a final examination and certification of participants by Harvard.

For more information about the program: .

Media representatives are cordially invited to attend the lecture on 6 June 2013 to accompany. Please log in to short interest back. Already from 18 clock, the instructor in the large conference room of Building 1 (1st floor) of the University Hospital, and are available for short interviews.
Contact person is Dr. Timo Siepmann, telephone 0351 458 18578, e-mail timo.siepmann @ uniklinikum-dresden.de

Source: tu-dresden.de

B-school student researching Medical Tourism

2008-12-27 13:22:56 by aterris

Hi -
I'm part of a group of Harvard Business School students doing a research project on medical/dental tourism for a school project. As part of this project, we are looking to speak with:
- People who are currently thinking about traveling outside the United States to have an elective surgical/dental procedure (e.g. joint replacement, cardiac surgery, cosmetic procedures, dentistry).
We are looking to have a 15-20 minute phone interview in which we will ask basic questions regarding what type of surgery you are considering, why you are thinking of doing your surgery overseas, and how you are evaluating which country and hospital to have your procedure

Harvard med school

2007-09-15 12:57:54 by -

Does a lot more than "have a position". They have no problem publishing papers on research, whether it supports their current position or not. In fact, Harvard Medical School, as an instution of higher learning, tries NOT to "have a position" on any topic.
However, as an institution that is required by their accrediting agencies to teach medical orthodoxy, they will inevitably, at least publish "current medical practice", which unfortunately is as much formed by who contributes the most money, as anything else...as well as pressure from the insurance industry.
Witness the "current medical practice" of prescribing drugs for depression, despite the volumes of evidence that aerobic exercise, weight loss, and proper amounts of sleep actually cure depression in 80% of all cases

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