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August 29, 2013 – 01:54
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Summer School of Medicine Research

It is left for the 3rd edition! From 2 July 2012 to 13 July 2012

The summer school medical research back in service and more internationalized with 20 different nationalities including two Australian this year and came as involved a Harvard professor. The purpose of this summer school is to provide an opportunity for students to get involved earlier in research activities and also promote access to dual curriculum. For 15 days, the 41 students present in Angers will learn research methods, discover tools and technology and meet international scientists.

The campus has 15 days boost international trade within the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Angers and offers a program of introduction to varied students from around the globe search. In total, students and researchers are more than 20 different nationalities! The Faculty of Medicine hopes to attract foreign students and encourage them to build a course of studies in Angers, but also promote international mobility among students Angevin particularly through internships.

The introduction to the new research program addresses various topics (medical informatics, nano-medicine, space medicine, experimental surgery, medical informatics and biostatistics, cardiovascular medicine ...), and involves specialists in each field. The main objective is to give students an overview of medical research and its tools. More information about the program on the website of the Faculty of Medicine .

Atlanpôle biotherapy pole regional competitiveness uniting all actors in the field of biotechnology is a partner in this summer school. Through this partnership, participants will visit this year a biotechnology company, Vivalis (Saint Herblain), and discover the by-course researchers who participated in the creation of start-ups. They will have an overview of careers in research. This partnership is part of the long-term strategies of the program, which seeks to show the future European scientific elite opportunities for biomedical research in the Loire Valley, both in the academic field industrial. "Our students today will be our docs tomorrow and partners Loire Valley companies in this sector after tomorrow." said Isabelle Richard, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Angers.


B-school student researching Medical Tourism

2008-12-27 13:22:56 by aterris

Hi -
I'm part of a group of Harvard Business School students doing a research project on medical/dental tourism for a school project. As part of this project, we are looking to speak with:
- People who are currently thinking about traveling outside the United States to have an elective surgical/dental procedure (e.g. joint replacement, cardiac surgery, cosmetic procedures, dentistry).
We are looking to have a 15-20 minute phone interview in which we will ask basic questions regarding what type of surgery you are considering, why you are thinking of doing your surgery overseas, and how you are evaluating which country and hospital to have your procedure

Harvard med school

2007-09-15 12:57:54 by -

Does a lot more than "have a position". They have no problem publishing papers on research, whether it supports their current position or not. In fact, Harvard Medical School, as an instution of higher learning, tries NOT to "have a position" on any topic.
However, as an institution that is required by their accrediting agencies to teach medical orthodoxy, they will inevitably, at least publish "current medical practice", which unfortunately is as much formed by who contributes the most money, as anything well as pressure from the insurance industry.
Witness the "current medical practice" of prescribing drugs for depression, despite the volumes of evidence that aerobic exercise, weight loss, and proper amounts of sleep actually cure depression in 80% of all cases

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