Research Summer School 2012 - University of Angers

August 29, 2013 – 01:54
LaBelle Lab — Summertime bio research gives students head start

Summer School of Medicine Research

It is left for the 3rd edition! From 2 July 2012 to 13 July 2012

The summer school medical research back in service and more internationalized with 20 different nationalities including two Australian this year and came as involved a Harvard professor. The purpose of this summer school is to provide an opportunity for students to get involved earlier in research activities and also promote access to dual curriculum. For 15 days, the 41 students present in Angers will learn research methods, discover tools and technology and meet international scientists.

The campus has 15 days boost international trade within the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Angers and offers a program of introduction to varied students from around the globe search. In total, students and researchers are more than 20 different nationalities! The Faculty of Medicine hopes to attract foreign students and encourage them to build a course of studies in Angers, but also promote international mobility among students Angevin particularly through internships.

The introduction to the new research program addresses various topics (medical informatics, nano-medicine, space medicine, experimental surgery, medical informatics and biostatistics, cardiovascular medicine ...), and involves specialists in each field. The main objective is to give students an overview of medical research and its tools. More information about the program on the website of the Faculty of Medicine .

Atlanpôle biotherapy pole regional competitiveness uniting all actors in the field of biotechnology is a partner in this summer school. Through this partnership, participants will visit this year a biotechnology company, Vivalis (Saint Herblain), and discover the by-course researchers who participated in the creation of start-ups. They will have an overview of careers in research. This partnership is part of the long-term strategies of the program, which seeks to show the future European scientific elite opportunities for biomedical research in the Loire Valley, both in the academic field industrial. "Our students today will be our docs tomorrow and partners Loire Valley companies in this sector after tomorrow." said Isabelle Richard, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Angers.


Medical school requirements.

2010-06-04 14:27:54 by edugirl

The course requirements for medical school are a year each of general biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, and physics.
99.999% of successful medical school applicants have a bachelor's degree or higher, although a bachelor's is not a strict requirement.
If you are in California, the medical school tuition at U.C. is among the lowest in the nation for California residents, if not the lowest in the nation.
You don't need to finish that nursing degree unless you want to. Take those basic science courses, get a high GPA, do some biomedical research, get great letters of recommendation from professors, and do well on the Medical College...

Are you applying to college or medical school?

2011-12-04 15:40:46 by edugirl

Hopefully, you are a high school senior and applying to colleges with intention of pursuing a premedical curriculum.
If so, don't worry so much about justifying your decision to go premed at this point. Talk about premedical studies and why you think the college is a good fit for you to do premedical work there.
Let the school know why they should choose you by discussing how you will be an asset to the school.
You should be looking at schools that provide opportunities 1) to work with parients or do health advocacy; and 2) to do research.
Ideally, you should pursue your undergraduate work at a university that has a medical school on campus or nearby

Critique my MedSchool App Personal Statement 1/2

2010-07-15 21:05:10 by MedSchoolApplicant

In elementary school, a career day speech by a visiting chemist inspired me to try my hand as amateur scientist, mixing household cleaners in an ill-advised attempt to create a "secret formula". Fortunately, my interest in concocting noxious brews faded before I worked my way to the ammonia and bleach. My lifelong interest in science only grew, however, and I've since been committed to making scientific research a part of my life. It wasn't until my Junior year of High School, when my mother became ill, that I began to consider pursuing a career in medicine. The illness was sudden and was a very frightening experience for my family

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