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A college or medical school is an institution of higher education where you study and learn the various disciplines that make up the course of medicine , eventually promoting research and extension in these and other areas of knowledge. After its completion, we obtain the diploma of doctor .

Some medical schools also offer programs for graduate , master's and doctorate .

Medical schools teach topics such as human anatomy , biochemistry , pharmacology , immunology , neurology and pathology .

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McGraw-Hill Perfect Phrases for Medical School Acceptance (Perfect Phrases Series)
Book (McGraw-Hill)

Hi Tards - Evidence Charter Schools pick

2013-08-12 12:31:32 by -

Their students...
Read after the first paragraph
A new story about charter schools admissions by Stephanie Simon at Reuters details how the reality of admissions at many charter schools is far different from the above rhetoric. She writes:
Students may be asked to submit a 15-page typed research paper, an original short story, or a handwritten essay on the historical figure they would most like to meet. There are interviews. Exams. And pages of questions for parents to answer, including: How do you intend to help this school if we admit your son or daughter?
These aren’t college applications

Mildly OT: Being a grammar nazi cures alzheimers

2009-07-09 10:21:11 by mr2rod

People who have superior language skills early in life may be less likely to develop Alzheimer's disease decades later, despite having the hallmark signs of the disease, according to research published in the July 9, 2009, online issue of Neurology®, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology.
"A puzzling feature of Alzheimer's disease is how it affects people differently," said study author Juan C. Troncoso, MD, with Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore

You misunderstood me

2007-08-29 13:34:40 by SJester

The research I've written up is important, possibly critical. But some people don't perceive it as such and are more impressed with dense language. Those people can serve as barriers to publication.
It's sad, but not bullshit.
And the sentence you offered was stiff enough to stand up and walk around on its own.
They're not seeking cold, clinical, impersonal people, although perhaps some doctors pick that up in school. Cancer does bother me, offend me even, and I have to express that.
Misha helped me realize that I could just tighten all the sentences instead of using rare words

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$25m to move medical school  — The Canberra Times
Plans are being drafted to refurbish the old heritage-listed John Curtin school of medical research, which was vacated in 2011, and to build a new $144 million state-of-the-art custom-built research centre next door.

Big Ten schools make strides in medical, agricultural research  — Daily Nebraskan
Up north, the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities recently opened its new simulation center for the School of Nursing and the University of Wisconsin-Madison began a five-year research project on the dairy process.

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