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August 29, 2013 – 01:53

Research Summer School Angers

1 July 2013 to 13 July 2013

a student who participated in the 2012 edition of the Summer School Research at the Faculty of Medicine of Angers

On July 1, the Faculty of Medicine of Angers launch for the 4th year running intensive induction program for medical research (Research Summer School Angers | ASSR), which attracts more than 40 new students from around the world. The success is confirmed year after year among European students, who benefit from Erasmus funding, but also people from other continents with significant participation this year Australians.

The ASSR is a summer school to show students the connections between basic science and clinical research aims. The training is open to all French and foreign students having at least one L2 in medicine, science and pharmacy and would like to pursue a PhD or a career in the medical or scientific research.


For 15 days, these young students start courses in medicine, pharmacy or science will discover many aspects of medical research. Their time will be divided between lectures of invited speakers for this prestigious occasion, practical work in the laboratories of Anjou research, group work. For these students, the future elite of biomedical research the opportunity to improve their CV and build links to their future activity.


Building on the success renewed for four years, the Faculty of Medicine opened this year a second summer school, centered on one of the key themes of research in Angers Health: Cancer summer school Angers (CSSA). The program for a little more advanced students, finishing medical school, pharmacy or science is built on the same foundation: an outstanding scientific program, interaction, practical work, and a social program that contributes to build lasting relationships between students and their teachers. It is supported by the cluster Atlanpôle biotherapy. It will make known biotech companies Loire Valley these young talents. It enjoys strong support from the League against cancer.

Faculty of Medicine | Sophie MALBREIL | Rue Haute Reculée 49045 Angers Cedex 01


Medical school requirements.

2010-06-04 14:27:54 by edugirl

The course requirements for medical school are a year each of general biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, and physics.
99.999% of successful medical school applicants have a bachelor's degree or higher, although a bachelor's is not a strict requirement.
If you are in California, the medical school tuition at U.C. is among the lowest in the nation for California residents, if not the lowest in the nation.
You don't need to finish that nursing degree unless you want to. Take those basic science courses, get a high GPA, do some biomedical research, get great letters of recommendation from professors, and do well on the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) and you will be a competitive medical school applicant

Career_research of medical marijuana_thoughts?

2010-07-31 10:10:52 by Observent_mind

I have a BA in psych. I will be going to graduate school next year to pursue a doctorate in psych centered around designing a research study to investigate marijuana the functionality of treating people with eating disorders. I'm in the early stages of gathering the body of research to review. However, if someone has any experience or words of guidance, it would be much appreciated.
As far as personal details, I can't disclose much. However, I will be relocating to the San Francisco Bay Area in September and taking the GRE again, scouting out the area, start networking with the academic types; that whole rigmarole

Links and preliminary info for medicine.

2009-07-12 20:35:49 by edugirl

Most medical schools have the following minimum academic requirements:
1 year college biology
1 year college chemistry
1 year organic chemistry
1 year physics
Bachelor's degree (though there are rare exceptions)
Most medical students have done biomedical research prior to medical school and many have earned a master's degree prior to being admitted. Medical applicants rely on the scientists and professors who directed this work for letters of recommendation for medical school.
The relationship between the student and scientist or professor is well-established and typically at least a year

There are prerequisites for dental school, and

2011-10-25 20:45:14 by edugirl

They include general biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry and physics, possibly a year each.
You can check this out on the ADA website:
I am not sure about what entrance exam you would have to take; it might be the MCAT. If so, you can get info on the MCAT from AAMC, the American Association of Medical Colleges. But do research on the entrance exam. Preparing for the MCAT takes several months.
Admission to dental school is very is competitive, so I recommend that you apply to several schools, and then pick amongst the schools that accept you

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