Additional Insurance SANA

August 29, 2017 – 12:15 am

SANA With the supplementary insurance can ensure SANA valuable supplementary benefits from the following three areas:

Alternative Medicine (Complementary Medicine)
Medications and alternative methods of treatment such as osteopathy, kinesiology, massage, medical (eg. Reflexology, etc.). Health Promotion
Contributions to the cost of necessary measures for health promotion such as eg. fitness courses and subscriptions, back to school, preparation for childbirth, postpartum exercise, biofeedback, nutrition courses, etc.. Preventive medicine
Performance of preventive medicine such as vaccinations, check-ups of the cardiovascular system, ultrasound examinations, examinations for early detection of cancerous diseases, smoking cessation, etc..

For many years, boasting the best grades in comparison insurance

When comparing the neutral research institute independent VermögensZentrums (VZ) are evaluated supplementary insurance for care of the 14 largest health insurers in Switzerland. For years SANA boasts top marks for its above-average performance. Go to the comparison of the VZ

Who recommend this insurance?

  • In addition to conventional medicine people who also wish to make use of alternative medicine
  • A people that give particular importance to their welfare and their health
  • A people, who care about the prevention

This supplementary insurance might interest you:

  • TOP to fill important gaps in coverage in the compulsory basic in the outpatient setting.
  • COMPLETE for the highest demands in terms of performance additional outpatient, since it brings together all the benefits of TOP and SANA (often even with repayments even more generous) and covers additional areas of performance.
  • HOSPITAL for greater privacy and freedom of choice in the event of a hospital stay.



2009-07-23 12:02:08 by -

You don't know.
The 2009 rankings placed UCSF's School of Medicine fifth among all medical schools in the country in terms of quality of research training and primary care training. In addition, the school ranked among the top 10 in seven medical school specialty programs, including first in AIDS medicine, second in women's health, and third in internal medicine.

I wonder why ...

2006-08-09 06:35:32 by avgjane

So much emphasis on top 10 in business schools. It's very strange. I don't know if it's the same for law schools or medical schools, either. I really don't think that a 3.3 cumulative and 3.75 major GPA is THAT horrible, but I have done some research and it seems that a 3.5 cum. is a minimum for the so-called top 10. I will look around at some second-tier schools and perhaps apply to a top 10 as a longshot.

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