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The Speech Clinic, the Center for Integrated Health Veiga de Almeida, is prepared to meet the different problems of human communication. For this, it has a team of professionals who specialize in diagnosing and monitoring the difficulties of language, speech, voice, oral motor and hearing in children and adults.

Joining the undergraduate and master's degree in speech therapy, enables the creation of new technologies for the development of their rehabilitation programs through undergraduate research projects.

Currently, Speech Therapy Clinic provides its clients, in addition to outpatient care, home care and hospital care to the neurological patient, in the Tijuca area and neighborhoods of the southern city.


  • Orofacial Care Program

    Therapies aimed at fitness function in swallowing, chewing, respiratory timing, and normalization of muscle for the dental occlusion. Referrals are made by professionals or Orthodontics Orthopedics Jaws.

  • Diagnostic Center Speech and Language

    Therapies and guidelines aimed at stimulating speech and language development in children and adolescents. Referrals are made by physicians of clinical child and / or Professional Psychology or Education.

  • Recovery Center Neurological Patient

    Therapies aimed at upgrading the functions of swallowing, speech, or language that may have been caused by head injury or stroke (stroke), especially in adults. Referrals are made especially for neurologists.

  • Center for Audiology

    Audiometric examinations, such as tonal and vocal audiometry and evaluation of auditory processing (CAP).

  • Reading and Writing Workshops

    Meets school learning disorders that may impede the acquisition or development of writing and reading.

  • Vocal Health

    Therapies and guidance on the use of voice and professional recovery of organic disorders of the vocal cords, such as nodules and cracks. Referrals are made by otolaryngologists.

  • Oncology Unit

    Therapies aimed to problems swallowing, chewing and other functions in the presence of frames for head and neck cancer. Referrals are made by oncologists and other medical specialties.

Contact and address

Solange Iglesias - Director of Clinical Speech
Ibituruna Street, 108, Vila Universitaria, home 9 - Tijuca - Rio de Janeiro RJ
Telephones: (21) 2574-8844 / 2574-8832 | email: fono@uva.edu.br

Source: www.uva.br


2009-07-23 12:02:08 by -

You don't know.
The 2009 rankings placed UCSF's School of Medicine fifth among all medical schools in the country in terms of quality of research training and primary care training. In addition, the school ranked among the top 10 in seven medical school specialty programs, including first in AIDS medicine, second in women's health, and third in internal medicine.

I wonder why ...

2006-08-09 06:35:32 by avgjane

So much emphasis on top 10 in business schools. It's very strange. I don't know if it's the same for law schools or medical schools, either. I really don't think that a 3.3 cumulative and 3.75 major GPA is THAT horrible, but I have done some research and it seems that a 3.5 cum. is a minimum for the so-called top 10. I will look around at some second-tier schools and perhaps apply to a top 10 as a longshot.

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