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Dr. Patricia Guerry, US Naval Medical Research Center, 2009

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Walter Reed National Military Medical Center Chief, Navy Medical Corps

Chief of Staff,

Deputy Commander, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center

The National Naval Medical Center or Bethesda Naval Hospital is the leading medical facility of the United States Navy . It hosts both dental and human medical research and the medical care of marines and government officials (including the U.S. president and his family instead).

The NNMC is located in Bethesda , Maryland , near Washington, DC

NNMC chose the site for the 1938, then President Franklin D. Roosevelt . He also sat on 11 November 1940 the foundation stone for the Naval Hospital, which was originally supposed to take 1200 beds. In addition, the Medical Center at that time consisted the Naval Medical School, the Naval Dental School (now the National Naval Dental Center) and the Naval Medical Research Institute. After the end of the Second World War was created by temporary extensions of the building accommodate a total of 2464 patients - mostly wounded soldiers of the Navy and the Marines .

From August 1960 until the summer of 1963, the hospital was expanded. The construction project for a total of $ 5.6 million provided for the addition of two five-story wings on the east side of the main building, the temporary buildings of World War II to replace.

National Naval Medical Center
- NNMC -

Line-up 1940 Country United States of America Forces Armed forces of the United States of America United States Navy Navy Branch of service Medical Services Type Military Hospital Strength > 4, 500 Barracks Bethesda (Maryland) Motto The Flagship of Navy Medicine Of present
Rear Admiral Matthew L. Nathan Colonel Charles W. Callahan Command Master Chief Sherman E. Boss, CMDCM (SS / SW / FMF), U.S. Navy


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