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August 27, 2017 – 12:15 am
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University of London (University of London) officially founded in 1836, it was established under the Royal Institution of Chartered third university. After nearly 160 years of development, now is the UK's largest one university.

University of London academic institutions can be roughly divided into the following sections:

University High School (independent organization, with its own administrative bodies)

University College London hospital born in 1828, is the early 19th century the liberal movement of the product. Also dozens of colleges in the University of London's oldest and largest school college (with more than 8, 000 students). School at the beginning, it will open the gate the whole of society, irrespective of their class, religion, race and gender, this broke the popular Oxford and Cambridge academic tradition of courage, both at home and abroad for higher education than big impact, University College consists of seven lines (Art Department, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Engineering, Environmental Studies, Department of Medical Sciences and Clinical Sciences), 74 teaching and clinical research departments and five schools (art school, dental school, libraries, archives, information research schools, construction and planning schools and Middlesex Medical School), which is the UK's first engineering faculties. University College may grant bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees, while carrying out post-doctoral research work.

London King College in 1829 after approval by the establishment of the British royal family, is the second largest University of London Institute (there are more than 6, 000 students). In 1985, Queen Elizabeth College (founded in 1908) and Chelsea College (founded in 1891) into the English king college. The hospital's art, medicine and natural science disciplines has established a reputation, and still grow. Consists of seven lines (Art and Music Department, Education Department, Engineering Department, Faculty of Law, Department of Life Sciences, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Department of Theology and Religious Studies) and a subsidiary of the College of Medicine and Dentistry (established 1200 beds Dental Hospital can accommodate 100, 000 patients per year).

Royal Institute of Technology and the Institute of Medicine by the Royal Institute of Technology in 1907 approved the establishment of the royal family, 1988 St. Mary's College (founded in 1854) was converted into the present name. Consists of four colleges: the Royal Institute of Natural Sciences, Institute of Mining, city and guilds College and St. Mary's School of Medicine, the first three college of natural sciences, materials science, engineering and other science and engineering disciplines, teaching and research-based, St. Mary's School of Medicine is a set of teaching and research in one of the teaching hospitals. About 35% of all college students graduate, there are students from more than 90 countries.


Canada announces restrictions on publicly funded stem cell research.: An article from: The Hastings Center Report
Book (Hastings Center)

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Fall 2005- Summer 2006 Cambridge, MA
Worked part time as research assistant for corporation selling medical software
Fall 2004- Fall 2005 New England Medical Center
Worked in radiology department on experiments studying atherosclerosis.
2003-2004 Carnegie Mellon University
Research Assistant for Dr. Lori Holt: Performed neurological experiments on lab animals
2003 fall Carnegie Mellon University
Teaching Assistant for Cognitive Psychology: Lead discussion section and graded assignments
1999, 2000, 2004 summer Mission of Mercy to El Salvador
Spent six weeks in rural El Salvador after civil war in effort to supply underprivileged children and families with medical care

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