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12 July 1995 the first session of the ninth joint meeting of directors and supervisors through the first amendment
5 March 1997 the second joint meeting of directors and supervisors of the fifth through the second amendment
30 July 1997 Second Joint Meeting of directors and supervisors of the sixth through the Third Amendment
15 June 1999 Fourth Third Fourth Joint Meeting of directors and supervisors corrected through

Chapter I

Article: The Foundation is named Foundation Foundation for Medical Research Ethics institutions. (Hereinafter referred to as the Council).

Article II: Council to accept the government and other organizations and medical institutions to strengthen the body entrusted to promote the protection of trial participants research and development, the establishment of standardized principles of human studies examined job to help professionals cultivate, promote international exchanges and cooperation, enhance human trials quality of research ethics, for the purpose of promoting global subjects protection.

Article III: This will be located in the Republic of China, Taipei, 331 Pai Road, Section 2, Lane 5 of the 1st, when necessary, the consent of the central competent authority in the country suitable locations branches.

Article IV: The predecessor of the Joint Council by the Foundation IRB donor NT $ 10 million for the establishment of the Fund, the Council uses its yield principle. By the competent authority permission to use funds. Thereafter and may continue to accept foreign agrees with the aims of the individuals or organizations of donations.

Article: Council business are as follows:
First, the trustee to assist government and private agencies in the implementation of business subjects protection, development and promotion.
Second, the trustee plan review services provide human trials to establish standardized operating principles of human studies reviewed.
Third, the processing of various clinical research ethics education and promotion activities, academic exchanges and personnel training to help professionals.
Fourth, participation in the activities of international organizations, the development of global subjects protection net.
Five other subjects protection and related matters.

Chapter Board of Directors

Article VI: We will have a board of directors of thirteen people, the first director of the selection by the donors. Second session of the Board by the current directors nominated by the board of directors elected after the adoption of the current generation without pay. More than one third of the directors shall each have the industry expertise and inter-director, who has a spouse and three relatives within consanguinity, affinity, or the same institution incumbents, whose number shall not exceed one-third of the total quota.

Article: Directors for a term of three years and re-elected. Directors in office, the reason becomes vacant, vacancy election was succeeded by the Board, whose term of office to complement the original term limit. Months before the expiry of term of re-elections.


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You won't find much in American medical research

2009-09-11 10:07:20 by out-of-here

Because all the research here is conducted by drug companies that have nothing to do with natural drugs. They can't make money unless a drug is a synthetic compound that they can patent. But in Europe herbal remedies are used alongside drugs. You might try swanson vitamins, Dr. Mercola, and Life Extension Foundation, as sources for natural remedies. But the truth is that depression is a nervous/emotional condition not a disease so there is nothing that you need to fix. You can strengthen your emotions by decreasing stress and trying to change the way you are thinking. Exercise is helpful because it decreases stress hormones and increases mood elevating substances in your brain

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