Private Assistance Board of the State of Mexico

September 4, 2017 – 12:21 am
Projects - Lions Club of Maleny Blackall Range Inc

Register: JAP/1993/001
Institution: Lalmba of Mexico, IAP
Address: Calle Independencia # 17, Col. El Salitre.
County: Tenancingo
Responsible: Mr. Armando Bonilla
Purpose: To provide support to adolescents and young men with drug and alcohol problems, providing shelter, day home, food, medical care (through referral to public or private institutions in which they are supported with medical care , psychological, psychiatric and social work), individual and group therapy self-help, recreational, sports and manuals, in order to integrate them into their family and a life full productive

Register: JAP/1993/003
Institution: Anahuac American Foundation for Social Development, IAP
Address: Calle November 20 s / n, Fractionation Manuel Villa.
County: Lerma
Responsible: Mr. Rafael Orozco Soria and / or CP Carlos Otero
Purpose: The provision of assistance, research and development of medical programs, and any project related activity aspects of medical care, education and social to the general population.

Register: JAP/1995/038
Institution: Association of International Lions Eye Bank of IAP
Address: Berriozabal # 37, Col. San Javier.
County: Tlalnepantla
Responsible: CP Millan Alma Gloria Guzman
Purpose: Provide full service eye care through outpatient practice ophthalmology and surgery such as cataract, strabismus, lens fitting, in general for all types of visual problem

Register: JAP/1996/044
Institution: State Hemophilia Association Of Mexico, IAP
Address: Calle Filiberto Gomez # 8, Interior 3, Col. Ahuizotla
City: Naucalpan, State of Mexico
Director: C. Martina President Nuñez Baldivia
Purpose: To assist the hemophiliac and their families to solve problems in which your condition is involved, as serious education, training, employment, counseling etc.

Register: JAP/1996/058
Institution: Program Association Compartamos, IAP
Address: Address Known, Santa Ana Nichi, San Felipe del Progreso
County: San Felipe del Progreso
Responsible: Mr. Raymundo Garcia Esquivel
Purpose: Found, sponsor, manage and coordinate care center for children and youth, the elderly, rehabilitation centers, educational service centers and development centers (Hospital Mazahua)

Register: JAP/1997/085
Institution: Brigades Of Friendship, IAP
Address: Agustín Melgar No. 94, Colonia Ninos Heroes, San Mateo Oxtotitlán
City: Toluca
CP 50100
Responsible: Mr. Reynaldo Rodriguez Martinez
Hours: 9:00 to 15:00 hrs. 24-hour emergency
Purpose: To provide humanitarian assistance to people with low incomes or without resources, such as homeless people, street children, people deprived of their freedom and their families, counseling for people with alcohol and drug problems through counseling and conferences and when the need arises temporary housing assistance, food, clothing and medical service


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You won't find much in American medical research

2009-09-11 10:07:20 by out-of-here

Because all the research here is conducted by drug companies that have nothing to do with natural drugs. They can't make money unless a drug is a synthetic compound that they can patent. But in Europe herbal remedies are used alongside drugs. You might try swanson vitamins, Dr. Mercola, and Life Extension Foundation, as sources for natural remedies. But the truth is that depression is a nervous/emotional condition not a disease so there is nothing that you need to fix. You can strengthen your emotions by decreasing stress and trying to change the way you are thinking. Exercise is helpful because it decreases stress hormones and increases mood elevating substances in your brain

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