American Institute will stop using chimpanzees in almost all medical research

August 29, 2013 – 01:54

(Photo: irishwildcat)Tests on animals July 11th,2013 at 14:20 After India announced the end to testing on animals cosmetics industry ,the discussion resurfaces now around testing medical research.While proponents of animal rights repudiate laboratory tests performed in guinea India,mice,rabbits and monkeys,stating that they are cruel and useless,scientists argue that,without them,medical advances would be strongly affected.But in the midst of this struggle,the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the United States,announced that it will stop using chimpanzees in almost all of its governmental medical research.

(Photo: irishwildcat)

The result of the decision,anticipated several years ago by animal rights groups,will be free to 310 chimpanzees are kept in laboratory cages for almost a lifetime.Now they will live the rest of his days in shelters that mimic the natural habitat.

For researchers,have not justified the use of chimpanzees in invasive medical research."The Americans have taken advantage immensely chimpanzees for biomedical research,but new scientific methods and technologies made their use largely unnecessary, " he said in a statement Francis Collins,director of NIH.

"After extensive consideration to the guidance of experts,I am confident that reduce their use (chimpanzees) in biomedical research is the right thing to do, " he said.

The organization admits that 50 animals continue to service major medical studies that can not be achieved otherwise.(Photo: Photo: Sheba_Also)

In the U.S.,more than 100 medical schools (70%) do not use live animals in practical classes,and in Canada since 2010,universities are prohibited from using animals for any type of test.

The exception

(Photo: Photo: Sheba_Also)

In Brazil,was passed in 2008 the Law Arouca,which regulates the use of animals in scientific experiments.However,the indiscriminate use in animals of various species continues legalized in our country.

The Humane Society International (HSI),a leading animal protection organizations in the world,has pressured the Brazilian government to also ban animal testing.The termination of the experiments in India for the purpose of the cosmetics industry was one of the fights of the institution.

A biologist and researcher,Camila Reis,agrees that there are efficient methods that minimize the use of animals in scientific research,but she says that sadly still exist studies in which the use of animals is essential.

"I think there are cases in which the drug development depends rather animal testing.For example,many studies have shown that immune responses of mice are much more similar to humans than that of monkeys.Several vaccines and medicines were developed thanks to this and I think a lot of hypocrisy defend anything that is not looking the other way. "


Pacific Research Institute The Top Ten Myths of American Health Care
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The American Enterprise Institute for Public

2010-01-11 14:27:23 by drdove

Policy Research (AEI) is an extremely influential, pro-business, conservative think tank founded in 1943 by Lewis H. Brown. It promotes the advancement of free enterprise capitalism, and succeeds in placing its people in influential governmental positions. It is the center base for many neo-conservatives.
In 1980, the American Enterprise Institute for the sum of $25,000 produced a study in support of the tobacco industry titled, Cost-Benefit Analysis of Regulation: Consumer Products. The study was designed to counteract "social cost" arguments against smoking by broadening the social cost issue to include other consumer products such as alcohol and saccharin

Research checking has, indeed, found that

2012-04-19 14:29:30 by OccamShave

Generally people don't trust psychiatrists, especially. For instance:
"Public trust in psychiatry is being eroded by the specialty's real and perceived ties to the pharmaceutical industry, says a leading psychiatrist
In an editorial in this week's issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, Thomas Insel, MD, director of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), highlights the entrenched relationship between psychiatry and big pharma that has resulted in what he describes as a "culture of influence."
According to Dr. Insel "psychiatrists have rarely enjoyed a surplus of public trust

Is that a specific medical thing?

2011-04-26 10:38:50 by Phrankly

I didn't realize until I checked that......
"The clinical significance of Alzheimer's disease is at present still unclear"
- "Origins of neuroscience: a history of explorations into brain function" by Stanley Finger
" the cause of Alzheimer's disease (AD) is unknown"
- Nat'l Institute of Health
"There is lack of consensus among investigators concerning the etiology of Alzheimer's disease."
- Journal of the American Medical Assoc.
"There is no single type of doctor who specializes in diagnosing and treating

Harvard Researchers Say Children Need Touching

2007-07-12 10:11:07 by and_Attention

By Alvin Powell, Contributing Writer,
Harvard Gazette
America's "let them cry" attitude toward children may lead to more fears and
tears among adults, according to two Harvard Medical School researchers.
Instead of letting infants cry, American parents should keep their babies
close, console them when they cry, and bring them to bed with
them, where they'll feel safe, according to Michael Commons and Patrice
Miller, researchers at the Medical School's Department of Psychiatry.
The pair examined child-rearing practices here and in other cultures and say
the widespread American practice of putting babies in separate beds - even
separate rooms - and not responding to their cries may lead to more
incidents of post-traumatic...

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