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August 29, 2013 – 01:55
Measuring the impact of research access in the developing world

The manuscript - including tables, figures, and references - Should be in Accordance with the "Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals, " published by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors ( ).

Should start each section on a new page In the following order: title page, abstract, main text, acknowledgments, references, tables (each table insert or print, with title and footnotes, on a separate page), figures (print or insert each graph, with title and footnotes, on a separate page), and figure legends.

The main recommendations for each section are as follows:

Title page
The title page Should contain all the Following information:

a) A concise and informative title. Avoid unnecessary terms and abbreviations; Also avoid reference to the site and / or city where the work was Carried October
b) short title of not more than 50 characters including spaces to Appear on the cover and headers;
c) authors' names (first and last names and middle initials);
d) authors' highest academic degree;
e) e-mail address of all authors;
f) if available, URL to electronic curriculum vitae; Brazilian authors are advised to inform the URL to "Lattes";
g) the specific Contribution of each author to the study;
h) statement of conflicts of interest (write "nothing to declare" Clearly disclose any financial or other interests or Which Could cause embarrassment if revealed after the publication of the article);
i) Which institution or service with the associated work is for indexing in Index Medicus / MEDLINE;
j) name, address, telephone number, fax number, and e-mail of Corresponding author;
k) name, address, telephone number, fax number, and email of author in charge of pre-publication contacts;
l) funding sources, or name of Institutions or companies providing equipment and materials, if applicable;
m) word count of the main text not including abstract, acknowledgments, references, tables and legends to figures;
n) abstract word count;
a) number of tables and figures.

Source: www.scielo.br

iUniverse Journal of the Rosacea Research & Development Institute: Volume 1 Number 1, 2010
Book (iUniverse)

New medical finding: Mercury in spandex makes

2009-07-12 09:20:03 by all_cyclists_go_crazy

New England Journal of Medicine
July 10, 2009
Research by Dr. Stu Pid of the Koontz Institute confirmed earlier anecdotal findings. In his field study Dr. Pid tested the blood of terminally psychotic cyclists, commonly referred to as "bike nazis". These individuals all where bright multi-colored costumes. All these individuals tested high for mercury. Their colorful costumes also tested high for mercury. So, like cyclists are today's mad hatters.

Interesting, but...

2004-11-20 06:57:33 by SheDatesHeWaits

I searched a database of abstracts from every major medical and scientific journal
couldn't find any clinical research to support your several hypotheses (sex substituting for food at night, adipose conversion during sleep, etc.). The closest relevant study I found was this:
J Sex Marital Ther. 2004 Jul-Sep;30(4):251-61. Related Articles,Links
Slimness is associated with greater intercourse and lesser masturbation frequency.
Brody S.
Institute for Medical Psychology and Behavioral Neurobiology, University of Tubingen, Germany

Not a good idea

2005-12-01 22:01:10 by -

BBC News World Edition
Driving after taking even small amounts of cannabis almost doubles risk of a fatal road accident, research suggests.
The French National Institute for Transport and Safety Research found evidence of cannabis use among 7% of drivers involved in fatal crashes.
However, the figure was dwarfed by the 21.4% who tested positive for alcohol consumption.
The British Medical Journal study was based on 10,748 drivers involved in fatal crashes between 2001 and 2003.
Research like this proves just how dangerous it is to take drugs, and then get behind the wheel of a car
Roger Vincent
All of the drivers had compulsory tests for drugs and alcohol

"blacks get better healthcare than whites"

2006-03-16 21:12:07 by washu2002

What do you guys think of this study?
Study: Most Get Mediocre Health Care By JEFF DONN, Associated Press Writer
Thu Mar 16, 9:48 AM ET
Startling research from the biggest study ever of U.S. health care quality suggests that Americans — rich, poor, black, white — get roughly equal treatment, but it's woefully mediocre for all.
"This study shows that health care has equal-opportunity defects," said Dr. Donald Berwick, who runs the nonprofit Institute for Healthcare Improvement in Cambridge, Mass.
The survey of nearly 7,000 patients, reported Thursday in the New England Journal of Medicine, considered only urban-area dwellers who sought treatment, but it still challenged some stereotypes: These blacks and Hispanics actually got slightly better medical...

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