Steve Jobs died early to rely on alternative treatments

August 29, 2013 – 01:54

Based on all the information obtained by the press and in the biography of Steve Jobs, he opted for alternative treatments for your abdominal tumor and when it is resolved by our methods of conventional medicine, it was too late.

Even tried to respect other forms of alternative treatments, I can not but express my angst when I encounter such situations. Many people and families spend fortunes on therapeutic without the slightest scientific proof and even forgo treatments scientifically proven. Often we come across cases that have high chance of cure with early treatment and they are postponed in favor of such alternative medicines.

I hope beyond all legacies left by this genius also be a reminder to all that medicine is a very serious thing, dealing with human life and increased longevity of the human being was not by chance. Alternative treatments can never replace the real medicine and when to undergo any of these methods proven anything think long before the point of getting a bad conscience about using something that has not the slightest foundation.





Research Jobs

2004-04-11 10:57:34 by FortuneFaded

Hello Everyone!
After reading this forum for a while, I decided to join in. My story: I graduated in May '03 from a college in NYC. I have been working in NYC since then. I am hoping to move to Boston to complete a Masters degree. Considering the expenses I am hoping to secure a job before I move up there for school. Since I'll be doing the masters part time, I can work full time doing research. I have two years of research from undergrad and have been pretty involved with patient care, working at Drs. office etc.
Now, I wanted to ask you guys for advice: How do I go about securing a job at a Medical Center like B&W, MGH? Since the two centers...

Medical transcriptionist's job going to India

2003-09-17 22:42:20 by from-reuters

Offshore Job Outsourcing Leaves Americans in Lurch
Sun September 14, 2003 08:37 AM ET
By Andrea Hopkins
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Theresa Ruf is facing a career change. A medical transcriptionist for years, she has seen the Oregon job she loved go to India, making her two-year, $8,000 college degree suddenly useless.
"Even if I get another job tomorrow, I'm going to have to leave the medical transcription field because there's no guarantee a job will last ... All of the services, nationwide, are going to India now," the 35-year-old said

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