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August 29, 2013 – 01:54
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da parte di Quintiles Italia . For qualified professionals in the medical-pharmaceutical, 2012 opens with the prospect of 100 new jobs during the year by Quintiles Italy .

The Italian division of the multinational is active in the areas of commercial services for pharmaceutical and biotech companies, clinical research, regulatory services and solutions to market access, and in the search, selection and administration of professionals for companies in the chemical-pharmaceutical .

e in ambito commerciale. The assumptions will be concentrated primarily in the development of clinical research projects and in business. per i ruoli di clinical project manager, clinical operations manager e clinical research associate (Cra). On the first front, Quintiles is looking for 30 professionals for the roles of clinical project manager, clinical operations manager and clinical research associate (CRA).
si occuperanno di gestire l'esecuzione di un clinical trial dall'inizio alla fine, assicurando che la gestione dello studio e il raggiungimento degli obiettivi vengano completati con soddisfazione dello sponsor e nel pieno rispetto delle linee guida Standard operation procedures (Sop). The clinical project manager will take care of managing the execution of a clinical trial from beginning to end, ensuring that the management of the study and the achievement of the objectives to be completed to the satisfaction of the sponsor and in full compliance with the guidelines Standard operation procedures (SOP ).
r avranno invece la responsabilità di gestire le risorse umane ei sistemi associati ai singoli progetti clinici, assicurando che ogni persona coinvolta nelle clinical trial abbia le giuste skill per il lavoro. The clinical operations manage r instead will be responsible for managing human resources and systems associated with individual clinical projects, ensuring that every person involved in the clinical trial has the right skills for the job.
infine, dovranno monitorare tramite visite in sito i centri cui vengono assegnati i progetti per valutare che non vi siano deviazioni dal protocollo, dalle Sop e dalle best clinical practice. The Cra eventually have to be monitored through site visits the centers who are assigned to projects to assess that there are no deviations from the protocol, from Sop and best clinical practice.

Source: job24.ilsole24ore.com

Job Outlook for 2001 Still Strong, Experts Say.(Brief Article): An article from: Family Practice News
Book (International Medical News Group)

Go to NC

2006-08-27 07:56:15 by ifyouwantalowercost

Of living. The salaries in NC tend to be lower than say VA, but most VA schools are not in need of teachers right now, so she could move here and not find anything. I know Loudon County in NoVa is hiring, but you would have to be willing to pay about what you would in CA ($600K+) to live in a decent house. There are rural areas in VA that need teachers, but they are not located in areas where there are jobs or anything like that, and the pay is miserly ($32K).
In NC, depending on where you live, and her years of exp., her salary would start off at $34K-$36K. The state pays for medical insurance, so that's a big bonus

To supplement...

2010-01-05 11:34:48 by edugirl

You could aim for a research scientist, but that field is very competitive, and you would very well end up chasing after research grant funding throughout your career.
You must have extraordinary intellect and stamina to be able to compete.
That also takes a PhD and 4 to 6 years of postdoctoral training, so that you will be in your mid-thrities when you start looking to establish yourself.
Jobs in research with a master's or undergraduate degree are not very satisfying, and you end doing a lot of drudge work. Typically, working at a bench in a lab is as stressful as preparing a Thanksgiving dinner every day

Heads up unemployed ..heres some new links/copy and paste them

2001-12-19 21:17:15 by d

I just put this batch together I
had a chance to check them out
and won't untill Saturday at least.
If theres something that doesn't work
let me know.
Job-Hunt.org -
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The Job Resource -
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Careersite.com -
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