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Accessing databases CSIC

The bibliographic databases ICYT , ISOC and IME contain scientific production published in Spain since the 70s. Mainly collect scientific journals articles and selectively Proceedings, Series, Compilations, Reports and Monographs.

Two types of access:

Access by subscription Free access

Notice of copyright: The CSIC reserves all rights associated with intellectual property databases, directories and thesauri created by the IEDCYT-CSIC and distributed through this website, so that the user may not reproduce, communicate or broadcast, in whole or in part, the information obtained.


Access by subscription allows access to the complete records of the CSIC databases.

Free Access provides information for the following fields: title, author, journal title, ISSN and year. Since 2003 also incorporate full text documents.

  • Payment made ​​to the signing of the contract: 70, 00 euros.
  • Annual flat rate:
  • Standalone: ​​200, 00 euros.
  • Up to 5 jobs: 330, 00 euros.
  • Up to 10 jobs: 660, 00 euros.

Special conditions for Universities and Public Research

  • Annual Flat Fee: 1, 990.00 euros
  • Unlimited access to the / domains of a University or Public Body

Access Request

You can submit your request for access by email, regular mail or fax, upon receipt will be sent the model contract to be returned duly signed.

To properly complete the contract, please send the following information:

  • Name of the person signing the contract and position within the company
  • Full address, phone, fax and email from the Company or Organisation
  • CIF Company or Agency or NIF of the Individual
  • There are two ways to access the databases:
    1. For IP of the computer (single user) or computers (multi-user) (preferably).
    2. For username and password (must be expressly requested).

The application must be sent to:

  • CSIC databases.
    Scientific Activities Unit and Dissemination of Scientific Culture Center for Humanities and Social Sciences (CCHS) National Research Council (CSIC) c / Albasanz 26-28 28037 Madrid
  • Tlfno: 91 602 29 47 Email: sdi.cindoc @ cchs.csic.es

For more information about the characteristics, structure and even a reference model, click on the name of each of the databases.

Access to Subscription Databases

Information about the databases available by subscription

Free access

With this free access can consult these resources:

  • Summaries databases: provide basic bibliographic information contained in the databases ICYT (Science and Technology), ISOC (Social Sciences and Humanities) and IME (Biomedicine)
  • ISOC-Database Information Technology: full access to all the information fields of the references in this discipline
  • Directories of Spanish journals: complete description of the journals included in the databases

Note: For more complete bibliographic information that offered in "Summaries", you must access the subscription databases that allows the query through more search fields as descriptors, short, workplace, etc. .

Source: www.cindoc.csic.es

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