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August 29, 2013 – 01:54
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The International Pharmaceutical Federation IFPMA represents patients, doctors, pharmacists and other interested parties since today's Internet search engine for clinical trials in German ready. Launched in English in the fall of 2005, the site offers two different ways to search for clinical trials to test medications:

  • Ongoing clinical trials

    The information on ongoing clinical trials in addition to information on the study drug and its indication and contact information for doctors and patients, if they wish to participate in the study.

  • Results of completed studies

    The information on completed studies in addition to information on the drug and its indication, a summary of the study results.

The portal is related to the commitment of the research-based pharmaceutical companies, according to clinical trial information should be accessible to everyone. The drug company had committed itself to register ongoing trials and beyond to publish the results of studies, which are available to authorized medicinal products. As appropriate publications partially present in different databases and different Internet servers, the IFPMA has now created with the portal a convenient solution that scans all systems simultaneously and provides the user with a common search result.

When searching is also possible to search within a particular country ongoing studies.

The search functions are available immediately, except in German, in French, Spanish and Japanese. However, results are (mostly English) issued in the original recorded language.

The VFA has published on its website for some time, in which databases its member companies clinical trials and publish test results (see: ).

Search IFPMA Clinical Trials Portal:

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Help finding a research article

2011-11-01 15:23:09 by MockTrial

I'm doing a mock trial loosely based upon the Kurt Cobain suicide and I was hoping for some help finding medical information. I'm representing the defendant, Courtney Love in a civil wrongful death trial. Plaintiff claims she had someone shoot him after he either self-administered or someone else gave him enough drugs to sedate him and then shot him with a shotgun in a way that looked like suicide. (I know such a fun topic.)
I trying to find a study or research on what would be considered a fatal versus an incapacitating dose of heroin for an active long term user. Hoping to find a recent study on whether a long term chronic heroin user with 1

As a research subject perhaps

2010-02-13 22:33:05 by -

Psychology studies at a university or clinical trials if you have a medical problem.
lot of the psych research recruits students as subjects though.
you could also find corporate market research to participate in. you would find out about these by using their products and being on their e-mail lists.
none of these are frequent. you may come across 1 opportunity to fill out a survey per year.

Paralegal Studies question

2010-01-25 12:12:31 by amyanderson75

I recently graduated from Heald where I majored in Medical billing and coding. Well... when I was originally researching what courses I would benefit from and which interested me, they did not offer the Paralegal program at Heald. So I chose to go into the MIBC program. It was told to me that it would be easy to get into that field and find employment. That was a complete fabrication. It is almost impossible to find a position that pays enough for one person to live on let alone for myself and my 3 kids. I had to find my own externship, and could not find a place afterwards that would accept a MIBC graduate with no actual experience in that field

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