A Case Study Through the Denver II

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AAutonomia and Psychomotor Development: A Case Study Through the Denver II Psychology and Health Magazine

Psychology and Health Magazine, VOL 2, NO 1, (2010), pp.10-17


Masters Program in Psychology, UCDB - Campo Grande, MS

ISSN: 2177-093X

AAutonomia and Psychomotor Development: A Case Study

Through the Denver II

Autonomy and the Developmente Psychomotor: A Case Study Through the Denver II

Psychomotor y el Desarrollo Autonomy: Un Estudio del Case Through Denver II

Jacqueline de Oliveira Moreira


Diego Alonso Dias Soares

Deusdenir Souza Matis

Maria Nazareth Campos Silva

PUC-Minas Gerais

1 Address: Congonhas, 161 - St. Peter.Belo Horizonte,

MG.CEP: 31330-100


This research was structured from the

results from research conducted in the years

2007 and 2008, named "Project Kangaroo Mother

and construction process of the mother-baby "

funded by the Foundation for Research

Minas Gerais (FAPEMIG) and the Incentive Fund

Research from the Pontifical Catholic University of Minas

Gerais (PUC Minas-FIP).In this research sought-

is an understanding of the influences exerted by

Kangaroo Mother Care in building a relationship

affective and significant relationship between mother and child.The proposal

this research did not address the development

premature children, after all, one objetiv√°vamos

understanding about the mother-infant relationship and their

implications.It was from questions concerning

such child development who organized the

This project, named "The development


This paper presents partial results of the research "The psychomotor development and the premature infant: A

study on the acquisition of basic trust "held in 2009 with funding from FAPEMIG

and FIP PUC Minas.The research had the main question the peculiarities of development

psychomotor development of premature infants.Investigated the psychomotor development of preterm and term

to 24 months by applying the Screening Test Denver Developmental II and case histories with

mothers.Relate this information to the resolution of the first conflicts - "trust versus mistrust"

and "autonomy versus shame and doubt" - proposed by Erikson.The results show that premature infants

measured in the survey have no adequate psychomotor development compared with children


Keywords: child development; prematurity; Denver II; autonomy.


This article presents the results of the study called "The psychomotor development and the premature child: a

Source: www.gpec.ucdb.br

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