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George Libman Engel ( New York , 1913 - 1999 ) was a psychiatrist U.S. . He has spent most of his career at the Medical Center of the ' University of Rochester in upstate New York and is primarily known for having formulated and introduced the biopsychosocial model (BPS, in English Biopsychosocial model), a general theory of illness and healing [ 1] .

Engel was born in 1913 in New York . He obtained a bachelor's degree in chemistry in 1934 at the college of Dartmouth . In the same year he was admitted to medical school at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore , Maryland, where he received a degree in medicine in 1938.

After completing his medical studies, Engel began his apprenticeship at the ' Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. Here doctors as Eli Moschowitz and Lawrence Kubie were introducing the psychosomatic medicine in clinical service. Engel was engaged in purely physical explanation of the disease.

In 1941 Engel obtained a research fellowship in medicine at the medical school of Harvard University and an assistant in medicine to ' Peter Bren Brigham Hospital (now Brigham and Woman's Hospital). It was supervised by the doctor Soma Weiss , who had become interested in psychosomatic medicine . During this period, he met for the first time the psychiatrist John Romano , who had arrived in Boston several years before Engel. With the encouragement of Weiss, Engel and Romano collaborated in a study of patients with delusional disorder . In 1942, Romano became chairman of the department of psychiatry of the ' University of Cincinnati . Roman Engel invited to a psychiatric collaboration in the faculty of Cincinnati, a collaboration that was accepted willingly. It is at this period that goes up the "conversion" of the school Engel psychosomatic.

In 1946, Romano had the opportunity to create a whole new department of psychiatry at the School of Medicine and Dentistry of ' University of Rochester Medical Center . Engel followed Romano in Rochester , where he dressed a double charge at the department of medicine and that of psychiatry. He was responsible for establishing a medical-psychiatric managed largely by internists. He became interested in a particular way nell'incorporamento a psychiatric training within the medical school and at the same time, he started his own psychoanalytic training.

In 1953, Engel worked with Franz Reichsman Monica to the project, a study that consisted in observing the life of such a Monica from her childhood to adulthood. Since the mid-fifties was considered one of the greatest exponents of psychosomatic studies, as well as a prominent figure in ' American Psychosomatic Society . He began, therefore, the publication of his journal, Psychosomatic medicine, and several books and articles that concerned the relations between emotions and disease, and the incorporation of these ideas in medical education and clinical practice. Under his direction, the program at the university became a center guide in the development of psychosomatic theory. His ideas became known as the biopsychosocial model .


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Chemicals in Everyday Products

2005-05-27 23:31:02 by Five05

Link to Male Genital Defects
PAnews/The Scotsman Read Full StoryExcerpt:
By John von Radowitz, PA Science Correspondent
Chemicals found in a host of everyday products, from children’s toys to cosmetics, are causing genital abnormalities in baby boys, a study suggests today.
Phthalates are substances used in the manufacture of thousands of products, including plastics, lubricants and solvents. They can be found in toys, medical equipment, paints and inks and vinyl flooring, as well as hair sprays, deodorants, nail polish and perfumes. Animal studies have suggested that phthalates are hormone disrupters that can affect reproductive development

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