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August 29, 2013 – 01:54
The Weight Of A Med Student s Subconscious Bias : Shots - Health

Tan still support the death penalty abolitionist ago
Let us first discuss some interesting social experiment ─ on "prejudice."

Also helps us to look at ourselves from: whether we like to admit,
"Stereotype", "bias" with us, and many times within a day short decision-making and evaluation.

From our childhood, sitting next door to the students, and today, sitting across from you colleagues;
Pantries, overheard a few private secrets; newspapers who hook on the wealthy, who whom mess it;
Eat buffet, the head of the TV broadcast of the social events, who again A whose money, who exposed it.

Stereotypes, prejudice, provide you with a kind of value to quickly turn against a benchmark to judge people and things.
Is solid, in fact, you do not know. And you rely on this method alive today.


Text / Shen Bo Yang

I teach because the relationship just read to a very old days, but the spirit of the famous medical experiments. Find many people know that the process of the experiment,
However, I would like to share with you.

Very Psychiatry 1973 flood, so the professor made a very cheap Rosenhan experiment. He and seven other sane person, including a psychiatrist looks like, all they have to pretend to the hospital psychiatric (said his ears are different tone) and then, all sent to a mental hospital. Prior to this they also signed Affidavit lawyer, get out into the future to prevent. When these experiments experience with the spirit of the "patients" into a mental hospital after the original start all normal behavior, but they had their own habits of doctors and nurses have been identified as symptoms of mental illness, the result is not even any one physician found their trick, while in the hospital after they have been diagnosed with mental illness (interesting, but is there a real patients suspect that they are not mentally).

Follow more interesting. The experimental results published, said that the spirit of wrath, like the President and Hu Ziqiang said no misdiagnosis issue. And
Rosenhan professor said, well, then I am going to send nineteen months into your hospital, see if you can find out.
The results after three months and really find out nineteen normal, but in fact Rosenhan people can not get past a professor.

Later, of course, this experiment caused DSM correction, and this experiment is also often used to set the label in criminology theory, or the institution of the case at issue. But I am more interested in the diagnostic phase of deception, so I have nothing else came looking through the research, only to find the same experimental modern times have done, the result is still similar. I was attracted to the earliest Schulman 1999

Schulman do what? He invited a bunch of actors, divided into groups of blacks and whites. These blacks and whites were facing camera to record some information about heart disease description (contents are the same in each group), then please watch these hundreds of physicians videotapes,
Of course, these doctors do not know these "patients" are actors. The results came out, obviously found the same disease, physicians dialogue
People at the event (surgery recommended) or a prescription for blacks are far more well to much, and these doctors also felt inexplicable
Wonderful, that itself does not racial discrimination. In practice, however, racial and cultural impressive impression which is not conscious.
Such studies are there until 2009, but the same problem. In recent years there is a "interview" experiments,
Also black white actors, with the same background of Delivery and interviews, over one hundred groups do down the rate of whites admitted three blacks

Source: twghome.pixnet.net

Wiley Behavioral Finance: Investors, Corporations, and Markets (Robert W. Kolb Series)
Book (Wiley)

Diversity = better treatment for POC patients

2008-04-03 10:38:34 by darkambition1

According to the studies
white doctors listen more to white patients, talk more than listen to black patients
black HIV patients better off with black doctors?
Researchers have known for years that African-Americans in the midst of a heart attack are far less likely than white patients to receive potentially life-saving treatments such as clot-busting drugs, a dramatic illustration of America's persistent healthcare disparities

Another showing approximately the same reduction

2009-11-11 06:36:09 by Yosarrian0022

In Prostate cancer rates - REMEMBER - it might NOT be the soy having this effect but something that comes along with high soy in the diet - high fruit and vegetable consumption for example or Low meat consumption. The effect here ONLY is seen with tofu consumption which is further indications that it is probably a marker rather than the cause.
Nutr Cancer. 2009;61(5):598-606.
Soy food consumption and risk of prostate cancer: a meta-analysis of observational studies.
Hwang YW, Kim SY, Jee SH, Kim YN, Nam CM.

An ideal rarely reached...

2005-01-05 12:55:14 by Moopheus

To the contrary, scientists are people and people are not often objective and neutral.
Scientists, of course, work harder at being objective because of the limits and goals of the scientific disciplines, but this doesn’t mean personal preferences or ideologies never get in the way of their research.
Unfortunately, the scientific community has its share of ambition, suppression of truth, prejudice, plagiarism, manipulation of data, etc. This is illustrated by Tel Aviv Medical School’s Professor of Urology Alexander Kohn in his False Prophets: Fraud and Error in Science and Medicine (1986), by Broad and Wade’s Betrayers of the Truth: Fraud and Deceit in the Halls of Science (1982), and other books and articles

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