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August 29, 2013 – 01:54

That something has to change, also calls Ribbe from the environmental organization euros nature. "For the black forest ham pork from Belgium and Holland are used, and Greek cheese is made from milk of Hesse, " he is angry. "Often foods are transported throughout the EU, in order to then market it as a product of the region." For Ribbe, the EU is faced with an important decision: "If we want to promote a European agricultural model of regional agriculture or are guided by the American model, always moved the production to the best place? "That on German slaughterhouses mostly workers from Eastern Europe are used because they are cheaper, is one of the outgrowths of the current agricultural policy for him. "In animals as well as employees in the food industry, there is a dumping mentality." Despite his criticism, Ribbe is convinced that the EU takes place slowly rethinking and promote regional agriculture plays an increasingly important role.

Conditions that prevent fair competition

Harald von Witzke of Humboldt University of Berlin recognizes exactly is a dead end. In 2050, according to estimates, ten billion people on Earth. To feed them, the food production needs to be increased substantially. "But to us is not more space available than it is today, " said agricultural economist, "that is, the production process must be perfected." The most important levers for he sees in a liberal agricultural trading system. "Not beans from Kenya or pineapple from Thailand are the problem, but political conditions that prevent fair competition."

Jobs depend on imported food

That sales of local goods is already a contribution to environmental protection, Witzke can not confirm. "That depends on many factors. For example, the apple from Germany only during the season on a good energy balance -. Loses it when he has to be stored and cooled "Nor should it be forgotten that jobs depend on imported food, argues von Witzke. So alone by the British make their fruit and vegetable purchase for the livelihoods of a million Africans.


All good comes from the home?

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The drive to the farm harms the climate

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Chapman and Hall/CRC Statistical Methods in Agriculture and Experimental Biology, Third Edition (Texts in Statistical Science)
Book (Chapman and Hall/CRC)

When all skilled labor and manufacturing is

2003-12-24 20:22:36 by A-Za-z_0-9

Outsourced, what will be left? Manufacturing has been relocated to cheaper places like China and Mexico, the software industry in the US has been destroyed, digital currency is facilitating the offshoring of banking and financial services, and even medical data and research is being managed and stored overseas.
What's left? All I can really see is to exploit our natural resources and go back to agriculture. After all, if we can't produce anything, there will be no more reason for the world to trade here.
Sorry about the negativity. Just been unemployed for too long I guess...

TT: Iran should prioritize nuclear research

2006-01-15 07:10:25 by mob__barley

Iran should prioritize nuclear research
Tehran Times Political Desk
TEHRAN – Majlis Education and Research Committee Chairman Ali Abbaspur Tehrani said here on Saturday that Iran should focus all its nuclear research activities on nuclear agriculture, industry, and medical activities as well as on the nuclear fuel cycle.
Abbaspur Tehrani noted that regional countries can also benefit from the achievements of Iran’s nuclear research activities, adding that Iran should prioritize nuclear research in light of the dimensions of the nuclear sciences. In conclusion, he said, “Suspending all nuclear activities in Iran actually slowed down the blossoming of the talents of Iranian nuclear experts rather than hindering the process of nuclear fuel production

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