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Past, present and future of animal research






Laboratory of Pharmacology.Faculty of Medicine.Port.


Experiments performed in animals has been shown to be essential for the clarification of

investigational problems for the advancement of medical science and the improvement of

health of humans and animals themselves.Nothing is expected that this phase of scientific progress

is completed and the ensaks the animal can be fully replaced by so-called

alternative methods.It is therefore essential to examine, without prejudice or issuing hasty judgments,

the situation, with the aim of contributing to an outlet

responsible position and transparency

flush, intelligible to the public, useful for setting a proper legal qua ro.In reflection

ongoing contribution scientists can not even menorizada ignored, even become the target

a suspicion of interested party.Only in conjunction with the utilitarian attitude of responsibility

ethics may result as a base for a just solution.Area of utilitarianism were

overwhelming and incontrovertible evidence adduced in justification of experimentation in animal pro

Congress does not dispense medical this type of research and its eventual abolition would cause incalculable

losses.In turn, ethical reflection leads to the conviction of experience useless, causing

needless suffering or dubious scientific usefulness and the recommendation that every effort

should be sent in order to use alternative (or complementary) where these

are of proven efficacy.This ethical reflection is based primarily on the recognition

that animals are objects of duties, but not subjects of rights.The scientific community has

duty to explain its position to respond with candor and openness to questions that are direct

of the company or stakeholders, to expose the methods and objectives of the research

practice in animal and provide information about the benefits resulting therefrom.Freedom of

opinion and discussion on this matter should be preserved, but the campaigns orchestrated attacks on

scientists, the possible use of verbal and physical violence must be rejected as a plural society and

responsible.Symposium on The Necessity of animals for safety and progress

biomedical, held in Strasbourg on 24 and 25 October 1988 and the Declaration on the animals

in medical research, the authors of the British Association for the Advancement of Science (1990) are

paradigmatic examples of open and responsible attitude that the scientific community has adopted

this serious issue.


Animal Ethics of research and application to humans

Animal experimentation has proven to be of invaluable help in the understanding of biological

functions, for the advancement of medical research and for the improvement of health conditions of

Both humans and animals.This phase of scientific progress is far from completed and there are no hints

there is substitution of Animal experiments by so called alternative methods.Therefore, there is a real

need to analyze, without prejudice or undue dogmatic statements, the present situation in order to

Contribute to a responsible attitude, Which Should be transparent, Understandable for lay people and

useful as a background for the passing of adequate legislation.This process of analysis calls for the

Cooperation of scientists, the class Which can neither be ignored nor treated the minor and Should be above


The MIT Press The Ethics of Animal Research: Exploring the Controversy (Basic Bioethics)
Book (The MIT Press)

Animal Research

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This topic came up in another thread. It is important enough to warrant its own thread.
Scientific research involving animals has been vastly beneficial to human beings, both in terms of basic science and in terms of medical progress. Some animal products are used directly to improve human health. There is a legitimate argument against all of that: if one believes that animal lives are as important as human lives, then there would be no difference in animal vs. human research. Obviously, I do not agree with that position. If I had to kill a pig to save my father from having to take poisonous medication for the rest of his life, the pig would die

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