VR Solutions for therapy, medical research and education

August 29, 2013 – 01:55

The 3D or virtual reality is used in many applications that go beyond pure engineering. So, for years, has been a key factor in the gaming and entertainment industry. Today, virtual reality has made ​​its way into the industry of life sciences, as a tool for research, education and patient care.

The Virtual Reality solution Dassault Systèmes (3DS) has been developed in collaboration with the most advanced medical laboratories and universities to create various applications. In the area of research and exposure therapy, virtual reality is used to study and treat patients suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, phobias and addictions. Now, the researcher effectively observes and records the interaction between the patient and an object or environment which causes a certain psychological impact. For example, the person may file a flight simulation or place face to face with a spider simulated. The data collected during the session virtual reality are useful to achieve a better understanding of the patient's cognitive behavior and understand the mechanics of the disorders. The specialist then the solution used to treat the disorder, the patient gradually confronting their fears or addictions through repeated encounters with the simulated object. In other cases, Virtual Reality provides relief for trauma patients. Immersed in a simulated ice world, a subject with severe burns may receive their daily treatment without resorting to painkillers.

Virtual Reality has several applications for education and training. The "ciberanatomía" explains aspects of the human body and a surgery simulation "in Virtuo" prepares professionals for complex operations. With respect to public health, this application can be used to recreate the world as perceived by a person with impairments of various kinds. Thus, the user can take the place of a person with impaired sight or moving wheelchair, which serves the public authorities to raise awareness in the care of the handicapped.

The advanced techniques for solving realistic DS provide endless possibilities to the field of life sciences. The application includes a creation platform, virtual reality libraries, a deployment tool and employment cases references to the use of tools.

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Education, highway construction, and medical

2010-03-06 04:03:13 by -

Research all require large-scale coordination as well. while those things could be attempted with less coordination, the same could be said for military defense. there is *nothing* inherently special about defense that requires it to be funded and organized on a federal scale in order to be effective.

Medical researchers in academic medicine

2008-03-05 21:12:54 by johnstuartmills0

Not only don't get any money for using animals they avoid animal use whenever possible due to the EXTREMELY high costs of animal upkeep.
You keep alluding to this plot of industries and medical researchers to keep using animals for research even though they know that they are useless in order to get rich somehow.
Now, how exactly does that work? Everyone at my institute is paid off of NIH grants or teaching salaries or clinical duties or a mixture of these funding sources.
SInce leaving merck, I've never seen a penny of industry money and no one around me has either

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