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In France , premarital medical certificate is a certificate for the civil marriage , established by the Vichy regime (Law of 16 December 1942) and regulated by Article 63 of the French Civil Code and L153 of the public health code , but is not more mandatory since 1January 2008 . It is completed by a doctor , in duplicate, after two separate laboratory tests and medical consultations. Its aim is threefold: a medical assessment , obstetric prevention and information of the intending spouses ( pregnancy , contraception , sexually transmitted diseases , hygiene of life).

Consultation search any information that may have an involvement in the marriage and procreation , both in the interview that the clinical examination .

Laboratory tests are prescribed: for women under age 50, blood group , Rh , seeking irregular antibodies (if risk of immunization), serology for toxoplasmosis serology and rubella (except positivity anterior negativity or older than three months).

Other tests may be offered, but are not mandatory: serology HIV , serology of syphilis , serology for hepatitis B and C.

The second consultation is an opportunity to complete and submit a medical certificate in hand, to each of the intending spouses. A genetic counseling can be offered in case of known genetic disease in the family history.

The doctor may not prohibit marriage or alert other future spouse of an anomaly that he detected in her partner.

The rubella vaccine is routinely given if the woman is not immune.

Moreover, if mother Rh negative, it will be necessary to prevent the risk of alloimmunization in maternal-fetal risk situations, and the need to inform her doctor so he could give an injection gamma globulin anti-D in 72 hours.

The certificate must contain no medical indication to preserve the confidentiality associated with the review, either to the registrar in charge of validating the marriage than to the spouse. And its practical usefulness lies in placing the spouses meet their individual responsibilities.

The common practice of premarital cohabitation and births outside marriage have considerably reduced the scope of the prenuptial certificate. 1 ] . In 2007 it was 47% of births occurring outside marriage [1] .


Career_research of medical marijuana_thoughts?

2010-07-31 10:10:52 by Observent_mind

I have a BA in psych. I will be going to graduate school next year to pursue a doctorate in psych centered around designing a research study to investigate marijuana the functionality of treating people with eating disorders. I'm in the early stages of gathering the body of research to review. However, if someone has any experience or words of guidance, it would be much appreciated.
As far as personal details, I can't disclose much. However, I will be relocating to the San Francisco Bay Area in September and taking the GRE again, scouting out the area, start networking with the academic types; that whole rigmarole

Treat nutrition and cancer research cautiously

2012-12-06 21:01:05 by Otto_Negme

'Studies suggesting that everything from cinnamon to lobster either raises or lowers a person's risk of cancer may sometimes be a bunch of baloney, a new report suggests.'
'Researchers created a list of 50 random food items, then found studies from the last 35 years that claimed risks or benefits for the majority them. But most of the claims were based on weak evidence.'
'"We have seen a very large number of studies, just too many studies, suggesting that they had identified associations with specific food ingredients with cancer risk," said Dr. John Ioannidis.'


2009-11-16 10:21:42 by -

Nov. 16
The American Medical Association (AMA) this week called for a scientific review of cannabis’ federal status as a Schedule I prohibited substance.
On Tuesday, the AMA’s House of Delegates resolved, “[The] AMA urges that marijuana’s status as a federal Schedule I controlled substance be reviewed with the goal of facilitating the conduct of clinical research and development of cannabinoid-based medicines.” Is there really a s

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