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1960-70 years, the medical profession first SAGE predecessors, especially medicine Professor Song Ruilou, given the lack of medical teachers, public hospitals, lack of guidance to physicians teacher training young doctors, there Choushe Institute of Clinical Medicine of the proposal. However, due to many issues to be resolved when the "Institute of Clinical draft plan" until 1976 then formally reported to National Taiwan University, was Dean of Medicine as Professor Li Zhenyuan. By August 6, 1976 Faculty meeting modified through at school, after school the first semester of 1976 the first meeting of the Senate amendment adopted mention the University Council approved the establishment of the Ministry of Education for resolution and to promote the overall clinical development, nurture professional scientific clinicians to improve clinical subjects of medical teaching and the quality of both its established purpose of medical research. Institute of Clinical Medicine Admissions 1978 academic year, the first ten admissions doctoral students were majoring in medicine, surgery, ophthalmology and obstetrics and gynecology. Approved by the Ministry of Education, are eligible to apply for this as the "MBBS after two years of residency training, and put forward the thesis and master's thesis by a considerable", then director of hospital clinical disciplines are considered qualified candidates lacks rigor, proposed to increase the entrance requirements, set to "be the first stage in the assessment of the Ministry of Education teaching hospital, with excellent grades four-year residency training, and made quite Thesis papers with those", then this proposal non-explicit.

Institute of Clinical Medicine Choushe beginning, director of clinical subjects was obtained the assistance of the Institute and teaching hospitals merge into one. A time when the shortage of medical expenses, can not afford the huge expenses of teaching and research facilities, the hospital agreed cf Clinical Medicine Faculty Hospital set up branches in relative units. Hospital "Clinical Research" then on 16 May 1979 by the consent of the Ministry of Education established institute substantive support to teachers and graduate research equipment funding, and provide teaching and experimental research space.

Institute first director was Professor Song Ruilou. Professor Song is a professor of internal medicine, a former medical director of six years, in the director's tenure, the clutter and painstaking efforts, and Lipin Professor Lin Ruixiang returning from abroad to teach. Professor Lin is the first full-time teacher within, specializing in diabetes research, in terms of insulin biosynthesis Diego for sure. Since 1983, when he was the National Taiwan University Hospital, vice president, director of otolaryngology Professor Du Shimian succession, tenure had EQ Hospital Kuo-Sin Lin Dean will test goods warehouse as part of the seventh floor building to be renovated, the establishment of modern experimental laboratory, provide the teacher within space Bineng smooth implementation of the National Science Council and Department of Health supported research projects. Since 1984, every year by the hospital budget, the internal start actively Tiangou equipment. Laboratory scale was begun, the recruitment of research personnel urgently, former director Professor Song Ruilou via highly recommended, as this extension Nanei Ke Ming-Yang Lai physicians are full-time teachers; Professor Lai specializing in hepatology, as the first recruits graduate from the MD are.


You have limited understanding

2007-04-09 18:15:42 by --

Subjects are not identical, rather controlled for confounding factors that would otherwise render all data useless.
regarding funding, peer-reviewed research is subject to tight regulations when it comes to funding. funding by pharm or device companies is clearly stated in any article that uses such funding.
please explain study design to me, the simple "retard" with a graduate degree in statistics and experience in clinical trials for a large company, as well as medical experience as a physician. please enlighten me.

They aren't biologists though, they're medical

2007-10-12 08:01:18 by harx

Doctors. You see the same divide between research scientists and engineers, with engineers being far more likely to discard evolution or the big bang.
Medical doctors and engineers both have quite a bit of training, and usually a pretty good head on their shoulders. But they are rarely, if ever, required to extrapolate results.
I would bet that if you looked at medical doctors that actually publish research you would find quite a different set of statistics.

Do correlative research

2008-04-24 18:58:04 by dboy9

For instance, there are probably statistics showing lifespans of college grads versus non-college grads. There is probably research comparing the beliefs of College Grads versus Non-college grads. Compare the two, and you might have a rough idea, though it's hardly scientific, since poverty and other issues come up. Since atheists are probably more educated though, I would assume they live longer due to better medical care and belief in reason over prayer to deal with physical and other problems.

Had my surgery in '96-after 2 years researching

2003-03-20 09:57:22 by Doctorswho_LASIK

Can't recommend him enough. I had extremely poor eyesight (Legally blind) and spent 2 years researching both the procedure and the doctor I would use. I am a scientist with medical knowledge and clinical research experience, so I was extremely careful in choosing a doctor.
is worth the airfare.)
No other Dr would quote me his/her success rate as a percentage of total surgeries. (As quoted on his web site - '99% achieve 20/20 to 20/25 vs. an industry average of 90%'. He has performed over 26,000 of these surgeries. These are phenominal statistics!)
You need to know what the results are LIKELY to be

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