Mars: Space radiation may exceed the limits for astronauts can withstand

August 29, 2013 – 01:54
Medical Research on the International Space Station

NASA scientists May 30, said Mars Curiosity brought back from Mars Mars data shows radiation levels may exceed the U.S. currently provides astronauts can withstand radiation limit.

Probe landed on Mars in August, the search in the past to support microbial survival habitat.

Curiosity 8 month trip to Mars to bring back data from chemical rockets by today's fastest speed calculation, round trip to Mars, astronauts will need 360 days, which the middle astronauts will receive 660 mSv of radiation. This does not include astronauts on the Martian surface dwell time. MSv is a unit of radiation dose.

NASA regulations, if the cumulative radiation dose of 800 mSv to 1200 mSv, astronaut risk of cancer will increase by 3%. Cancer risk also depends on a person's age, gender and other factors.

On Thursday, NASA's chief medical officer Richard Williams to the U.S. National Academy of Sciences • Medical Committee's report says, "Even the shortest trip to Mars, we have been dangerously close to our limit for astronauts radiant ceiling. "

Generally speaking, the astronauts about 250 miles above the Earth's space station six months of life, the amount of radiation received about 100 mSv. The abdominal X-ray radiation generated by the scan, there are about 10 mSv.

NASA should request the Institute of Medicine will focus on long space flight ethical and health standards for discussion.

NASA's Johnson Space Center Space Radiation Health Department officials Edward • Simmons said that the journey to Mars will exceed the existing provisions of the radiation limit, "We are working on this standard and its 3% based on the project to explore the applicability."

Meanwhile NASA rocket propulsion is also actively looking for alternative technologies, thus shortening the time required for a trip to Mars. And explore better spacecraft shielding technology.

These findings published this week in the journal Science.

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2012-05-26 12:09:02 by Churific

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2009-10-19 23:25:20 by winelips

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