AIDS denialism History (III): the group of Perth

August 29, 2013 – 01:54

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The so-called Perth Group was formed in the early 80s by medical researchers "Royal Perth Hospital" (Australia).Initially consisted EPE,Valendar F.Turner,John M.Papadimitriou.A small number of other researchers have joined regularly or occasionally to the list.The group collectively signed articles and letters published in scientific journals or general science magazines press notes.Normally these publications do not contain experimental results but have lots of text and a large number of references in which base an eminently theoretical argumentario.

Who are exactly the group of Perth

This group began to form from 3 people,nuclear physics,an emergency physician and a pathologist.None of them had any experience in virology,much less in management retrovirus.Know a little closer to these people:

EPE, born in Greece,a degree (it has no doctorate) in nuclear physics from the University of Bucharest and has worked as a medical technician in the Royal Perth Hospital in Australia.Never worked experimentally on issues related to AIDS,HIV or AIDS affected patients,although it has been presented incorrectly as a doctor on several occasions.Mrs. tasks Papadopoulos Perth Hospital has been to measure the sensitivity of humans to ultraviolet radiation (1).The Perth hospital management has stated that it does not share the views of Papadopulos-Eleopulos (2).According to the hospital director,Philip Montgomery:

The Royal Perth Hospital does not endorse the views of the Perth group on HIV,and these have been warned that they can not use hospital equipment in tasks related to their private investigation.In addition,employees have been warned that their private investigation should not be related in no time with the Royal Perth Hospital (1)

A walk through PubMed shows that Papadopulos has 23 publications in the biomedical field in ISI journals,the first one in 1982.His first publications are related to oxidative stress and its role on the circulatory system,and the rest are related to various aspects of critical concepts related to HIV-AIDS.His latest publication is 2007.I will return to this aspect.

Valendar F. Turner is a medical emergency department of Royal Perth Hospital.He has published 30 papers,the first one in 1980,the first of which are related to aspects of emergency medicine.From 1990 he joined as a signatory more group work Peth.

John Papadimitrou

John M.Papadimitriou is Professor,Department of Pathology,University of Western Australia and a specialist in inflammation,apoptosis and molecular pathology.He has developed an extensive scientific work speaks for pathology and its 173 publications.In the area of HIV / AIDS has only 10 publications.The first is from 1990 and does not appear with the Perth group signatories.Then talk about this publication. The other nine are in this group itself,unlike the rest of their work,are theoretical and not tested to support it.


Traditional feeding practices: Their relevance for today : a report based on investigations in selected areas of Machakos, Siaya, and South Nyanza Districts (Kenya)
Book (African Medical and Research Foundation, Health Behaviour and Education Dept., [distributor])

Seems to me the website is just

2008-11-04 15:47:45 by Kristy2078

An informational website with input from and maintained by the Oregon Fibromyalgia Foundation, compromised of medical personnel (i.e. doctors, researchers) at OHSU.
I don't see any sign-up anywhere. I did find a page where someone can sign up to be a research volunteer. I am guessing that's where aspianato signed up and got the information about the conference.

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