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University of Arizona (The University of Arizona)

University of Arizona (The University of Arizona)

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About the University of Arizona

University of Arizona, was founded in 1885, is located in Tucson, Arizona's second largest city, covers an area of 4, 000 acres, a wellness center, stadium, indoor swimming pool, modern library (collection of 1.4 million), the school and free internet. University has 6, 106 places, always take a first-come approach, and can live full four years. Initially only two college College of Agriculture and mining development so far, in 2007 the number of students was 36, 923 people, respectively, from the U.S. 50 states and more than 100 countries overseas, is the nation's 10 international students enrolled at most universities a.

The University of Arizona is an exemplary public research universities, wherein the plurality Department has advanced equipment, but also an excellent research level, so the evaluation among the U.S. national universities. The University of Arizona is the Association of American Universities (Association of American Universities) the nation's 60 accredited universities, has also won the Carnegie Certification (Carnegie Classification), and was funded by the National Science Association (The National Science Foundation) is close to public research university ranked the first 15.

University of Arizona has 10 special schools (school): architecture , art, dance, family and consumer science, information resources and library science, landscape architecture, music, public administration and policy, theater arts, and natural resources. And 19 School (college), areas covered are: agriculture and life sciences, architecture and landscape, education, engineering, fine arts, anthropology, law, medicine, pharmacy, optical, social and behavioral sciences, nursing, public health, management , Graduate School. Student elective proportion followed: Business Management (21%), social sciences (13%), engineering (10%), arts (7%), education (6%).

Distinguished Professor of the University of Arizona team, a huge collection of books in libraries and tree-ring research laboratory, optical research centers, barren land, Institute of Andean drag Seoul Observatory, moon and Planetary Laboratory, National Center for Atmospheric Research and other research institutions and each college has a strong research and teaching force, making the school's teaching and research with a strong foundation for it has won a high academic reputation. Astronomy is the University of Arizona's most famous and most powerful professional, enjoy a high reputation in the world, with world-class astronomers and equipment, numerous research projects, and adequate funding, is a veritable super A-level department. In addition, the journalism department is superb. Meanwhile, the University of Arizona, also attaches great importance to sports, as the U.S. has trained many outstanding athletes.


An archaeological resource inventory at the U.S. Veterans Administration Medical Center, Prescott, Yavapai County, Arizona: (final report)
Book (Archaeological Research Services)

Phobia at the Gates

2008-05-14 13:06:02 by china_blue

By Andrew Sullivan
Wednesday, May 14, 2008; Page A19
Twelve countries ban HIV-positive visitors, nonimmigrants and immigrants from their territory: Armenia, Brunei, Iraq, Libya, Moldova, Oman, Qatar, the Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Sudan and . . . the United States. China recently acted to remove its ban on HIV-positive visitors because it feared embarrassment ahead of the Olympics. But America's ban remains.
It seems unthinkable that the country that has been the most generous in helping people with HIV should legally ban all non-Americans who are HIV-positive

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Plans are being drafted to refurbish the old heritage-listed John Curtin school of medical research, which was vacated in 2011, and to build a new $144 million state-of-the-art custom-built research centre next door.

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Beyond access to health care: Institutional and cultural barriers experienced by Mexican Americans in a southwestern community (Working paper series / Mexican American Studies & Research Center)
Book (Mexican American Studies & Research Center, the University of Arizona)
Traditional Indian alliance: Delivery of health care services to American Indians in Tucson (Monograph series / Native American Research and Training Center)
Book (University of Arizona)
American Indian cultural perspectives on disability (Monograph series / Native American Research and Training Center)
Book (University of Arizona, Native American Research and Training Center)

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